Monday, May 23, 2011


It All Began Sunday Afternoon at Mars Bar :The Chillmaster's Dance Party

These here be photos from a tale once told by Marty at  :

I'm so glad I wasn't Raptured.
Oh my god yes Goggla. Its so very painful you know
What a wonderful day that was! Great photos Bob! We will do it again!
Marty , I'm still not able to open my eyes, vidi the world before me and still believe it all really happened on 3rd street!
Great photos, Bob! Cheers to Marty and the Chillmaster!
Thanks, Bob. Great pictures ... yesterday was a giant fog of a hangover. Still in aftershock!
Looks like it was a great time!
Oh man, I'm SO there next time!
Yes you really missed it all Eden ...shame on you !
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