Friday, May 20, 2011


Friday Morning at Ray's Candy Store

Friday at 11:15 AM at Ray's Candy Store , Maria was scrubbing and Ray was vacuuming .Ray had been cleaning throughout the night and had already been downtown . His cabby friend had early this morning delivered Ray to the maw of the beast at 253 Broadway .
 Ray claimed that he was informed that today would be his last chance . He was told that if he fails this afternoon's inspection he will be considered as incompetent to clean his own store .The Dept . of Health and Mental Hygiene will then of necessity require that Ray engage professional cleaners to clean his store and remove all violations . We don't know at this time if this means expensive  major renovations and new equipment too . More later this afternoon.

For the amount of rent Ray pays,he should have better conditions provided by his landlord. He pays competitive rent and some of these places with similar rents have been renovated and brought up to speed.
Right Tired, but a wise tenant stays put. Move out for a renovation and you might never get back in. I think that's what happen to Prana in 1st ave years ago. They moved out for a renovations and never returned.
Cool shot! Great coverage!
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