Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Electric Hair Clipping in T.S.P.

In years past Cut Man Eddie (by some also kown as Cut Man  for cutting things other than hair)  set out the ears of the T.S.P. chess tables crew for a modest fee . Eddie used electric clippers . He found the electric to run them in a recepticle  at the base of an avenue A light pole .The clippers made only the slightest sound as they trimmed their way through a head of hair . Eddy was an enterprising  one-man operation earning  some sorely needed capital.

Today folks in T.S.P.were experiencing a shearing to the sound of amplified clipper noise .It was get your hair cut and annoy half the park with the clipper sound blasted everywhere . This was of course a performance , an art project , and the trims were free . Half a dozen folks were involved in the production.

Several folks had been trimmed and when Cochise finally arrived after a torturing jouney from Crusty Row he saw the opportunity for a free shearing , something he needed , he felt that he  was a little ragged on top  . The performance was finished though and all those folks involved  were packing it up .

 Cochise dealt with the disapointment by nursing a series of beers . All was well until later in the evening when Cochise had to be delivered by ambulance to detox at a local hospital.

But why is he gagged? Seems weird to me. EV Grieve had a bound man getting a trim. What's up with that?
Sounds like Cochise finally got clipped. Talk about a hair-raising art show! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Glad I missed the amplified clipper noise, I'd much rather hear the soothing sounds of "Oooooh," from Floyd the Barber.
I was sitting in the park not far from this event and the noise was unbearable and annoying.
Mick , I have no idea why he is restrained and taped .this custodial aspect of the project does nudge one to the questioning stage with this little whatever . .
I won't say nuthin' about hair raising happenings . Its OK to let yourself go when ever you want.These things have to be said
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