Sunday, May 01, 2011


Alleged Krack Smoking Bartender Flips Out and Expels Patrons , Wait Staff and Manager From Bistro ... Then Locks Himself Inside Bistro

 That krack don't smoke itself ! According to witnesses , early Sunday morning at 103 avenue A that seems to have been the case . Allegedly a krack smoking bartender smoked just a little too much krack and in a krack induced fit threw the patrons , the manager and the wait staff out of the Avenue A Bistro Cafe . Then the high flying mixologist locked himself in side the bistro .

Police were called to the location . The gate and door were opened and the police entered the bistro, siezed and cuffed the krack smoking bartender . We saw one cop holding what appeared to be the krack crazed culprit's krack stem .The cuffed bartender was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for observation.

This evening at 103 avenue A we were again reminded that its drugs and booze that make the East Village go .

Krack is wack! This guy's my new hero! Glad to see you reviving this blog, Bob! I just bookmarked it. Okay, off for a little Krack attack!
As was noted above Marty , that Krack don't smoke itself .Heroes are made not born !
'Tis the season...
Long live Neither More Nor Less.
Well Grieve , whether it be live or zombie , NMNL is errect and afoot in the streets trolling for reality's daily droppings .
Wow. This really makes me want to eat at this place--NOT!
welcome back
Glad you were around to capture the scene. How crazy! Great to see you back and writing, Bob!
Welcome back, Bob! Glad you're back on the beat again.
BB ,It was either do NMNL or smoke Krack
Lindsay it was pure chance or the hand of God that brought me to 103 avenue A Sunday morning . who knows .
hey bob
great to see NMNL is back.
see you out there....
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