Thursday, April 28, 2011


In a Basement Hide-Away with Mosaic Man

This isn't the Lee over on Houston street where Jim , for the record , lives and has had some problems   . Its just a basement work shop and living quarters . But its where Jim and Jesse Jane seem happiest .A place much like Jim's little room  at the Cave on St. Marks Place that we photographed 4 years ago .Happiest left alone .

We visited  Jim and Jesse and heard nary a word of .357 magnums , jumping from the roof or crack heads on the lose . Jim was at work ...left alone things were going  swimingly well .Some things perhaps were a little bent around the edges , smolderin' and Jim was ...well ,  in spite of the Depakote , Jim .

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Thankyou Linds
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Are those track marks on his arm???
No Melanie , he was just showing his sinewy strength.
Mosaic Man looks happy in his cave.Glad you are blogging here again!!!!!
Wow--having 2 places to live is quite the accomplishment--while some people have none.
Glad to see you're back! You're back, right?
Tammy , it seems like I'm back .How long can I take it I do not know .It actually seems at times that I never left and I'm trapped in hell never to escape .
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