Friday, January 29, 2010


Twilight at Broadway and 14th Street


For Those Who Really Know the Chess Tables in Tompkins Square Park

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Spidey/Shaun Returns With Rickshaw to East Village Streets....

Well , at least for a few days he's back in town . A Japanese TV production company paid Spidey/Shaun to bring his rickshaw back to the EV for some TV footage . He'll be here for a few days .
Spidey/Shaun claims that he doesn't know whether he'll come back in the spring though because it's so costly to survive here . There also some new complications created by a DOT regulation that may apply to his rickshaw .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ray's 77th Birthday Party ...

No dog-and-pony act ; no midgets on tricycles for Ray but burlesque dancer "Creme Burlee" stripped and "Alburgo the Clown" mischievously clowned to entertain Ray and his many friends at his 77th birthday party Monday night .
These are very trying times for Ray and this party afforded a brief respite from his 7-day-a-week struggle and noticeably lifted his spirits .
Ray was of course spanked . It was a 77th birthday which would require that Ray be spanked 77 times . Creme Burlee gave him a break reducing the number to 7 and 7 , that is 14 , spankings with a large blue rubber glove .
There was a small cheese cake that miraculously fed the multitude .
Learn from Slum Goddess what Ray wished for before blowing out the candles :
For more from EVGrieve on Ray including "the Day of Ray" coming in February :

Monday, January 25, 2010


Big Saturday Night Party with Kids , Dogs and Fireworks at Ray's ; Some Good News and Strippers Tonight at Ray's at 11PM

John Penley Donates a General Grant

Black-Ops Bob

The Slacktivists were there as well as a Trotskyist and some Anarchists . Probably some other "ists" too , it is the East Village after all . Billed by the organizers , Black-Ops Bob and John Penley , as a protest and fund raiser the evening really came to be just a big good spirited party where folks had a good time and bought things from Ray and Amy . There were many who left extra big tips . Some just walked in , handed Ray a donation , wished him well and left .
Today we can report a little good news . A professional negotiator is now at work establishing communications between the buildings managing agent and Ray . Today we can say that this process has begun . We can say no more .
We would like to make it very clear that neither the Leshko family nor the managing agent wish Ray any harm . They would prefer to see Ray continue in his candy store . They appreciate how important Ray and his candy store are to the community . They are concerned for his current welfare and his future well being .No one wants to throw ray out into the street with no means of support .People should respect that this is a neighborhood thing and that all the parties involved here have known each other for nearly 40 years .
....and tonight at 11 PM folks . Yes ! there will be a 77th birthday party for Ray at 113 avenue A with a stripper or two dancing on that infamous blue counter . Be there !

Happy Birthday Ray!

For more on Ray's today from EVGrieve:

Sunday, January 24, 2010


... and a Good Punch in the Nose to End the Evening


Some Saturday Night Regulars Support Ray's Candy Store


Amy , Ray's Dedicated Assistant


Biker Bill and One Armed Larry Say : "Save Ray's!"


Saturday Night Across the Street From the Pyramid Club

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