Wednesday, May 12, 2010


VICTORY FOR RAY : Yesterday the Green Card , Today Social Security Benefits , Tomorrow Citizenship ....

This morning at 9:30 or so at the Social Security Administration field office on 12th street at avenue C , we watched Ray display his new permanent resident Green Card and sign the last of the forms to complete the application and approval process for receiving his Social Security benefits .The whole process took a year and a half but finally this morning Ray's application was approved by the Social Security Administration . Within a month he will receive his first Social Security benefits .

Ray would like to thank all who have in all their various ways helped him . He would especially like to thank his attorney , Clinical Professor of Law Toby Golick and legal intern David Feingold of the Bet Tzedek Legal Services Clinic at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law for their generous assistance . Without their help this victory for Ray would not have been possible .

Ray says that he will soon begin the process to become a U.S. citizen .

Wow. Excellent news. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen... and many thanks to Bob for his continued reporting...
Great news Bob and once again thanks for all the efforts from takes a village--the East Village...
Hurrah! I hope this leads to a more prosperous future for Ray. Egg creams all around!
Great news!

Atta boy! To you Bob, and to all those who had a hand in it.
How does this effect the Shop? Can Ray collect SS and work at the same time?
Ray is well past 70 years of age thus he can earn as much as he wants and still collect full benefits
Nice. But was Ray given preferential treatment over other aspiring American citizens who came to this country legally and abided by the rules? How was he able to jump the line?
Your tax dollars at work, folks....
Ray did not jump any lines . He first received permanent resident status 20 years ago . He recently received a new green card after renewing his permanent resident status .

the Social Security Administration took 1 1/2 years to approve Ray's application . Thats hardly jumping the line .Ray has paid into Social Security for over 30 years . He is now 77 years old .
great news. yay for ray! sounds like he's been standing aside letting others cut him in the line for 20 years! always knew he was a gentleman. glad he finally got his due.
See, slow and steady persistence pays off. I knew that you would be posting this inspiring news. glad to read it.

Ray looks so very happy. Hope he gets the citizenship and puts up an American flag.

isn't that what America is about? community coming to the aid of neighbors?

maybe other older people can get the same help as Ray did.

can any of those people help Hot Dawg/Marlene? just a thought.
Yes it certainly would be good to see the community step in and help Marlene too .
I've got the happy chills!
Ray is such a good soul....
Amazing! Finally!!!! Congratulations, Ray!!!! & thanks to everyone who help it to happen!
I bought t-shirts for me and my friends and always overpaid during the recent "crisis." For all the crap that happens on the LES, this will keep me going for a long time.

Long live Ray Alvarez. 40 more years!
Hey, Anonymous #2 -- if everyone in this country worked as hard as Ray did, we'd be in much better shape. He's a role model.

Congratulations to Ray -- and to Bob for helping Ray through the entire process -- and especially helping get him across the finish line.

Now if the new ice cream machine will just keep from breaking down....
Hot Dog doesnt want help. She gets Sober, then she comes back out Drinking and turning tricks in the Park. Hot Dog is vicious, as she has attacked Ray, attacked the Fire Dept(she spit in a fire-fighters face and got jail time for it). This community has given her plenty of "2nd chances". The helping hand was offered with rehab and other drug\alcohol treatment, and she slapped the hand away, then bit the hand that fed her. This community must SHUN Hot dog away. She is a human though, and needs help, but you cannot those who dont want to be helped. Maybe she will find Jesus hopefully.
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