Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturday Night Events at Ray's Candy Store ...

Ray's volunteer delivery team was at work Saturday night , mostly at the counter and the front window . Deliveries were few . We did see at least one order packed and hustled out the front door .
Amy was working also and during a quiet spell attempted to mind meld with Ray's hot dogs .
FDNY attracted some liquored-up hi jinx to Ray's and a galaxy famous celestial navigator placed an order to go for the very long--even at light speed--trip home .
Ray overloaded his kitchen circuitry cooking fries and making ice cream . He made several trips to the basement to replace all those blown fuses .

Cool photos Bob.
thanx Melanie . Just another little slice of life .
Is that chick still with jewlz? I hope not...
very cool photos. i always forget to do a weekend order from rays. must remember this!

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