Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ray's New Taylor Ice Cream Machine ...

Now Ray can make 2 more flavors . He had only chocolate , vanilla , strawberry and pistachio . The flavors to be added will probably be cappuccino and peanut butter . More flavors mean more business but its not clear how he will actually pay for this new ice cream machine along with everything else that he has to buy in the near future to be able to stay in business . Perhaps a financial miracle will occur for Ray sometime soon .

I'll be having a few scoops soon. Thanks, Ray.
This is money being mispent IMO. I don't think two flavors of ice cream will help Ray's business one bit. No one has walked into Ray's for ice cream just to leave because of the lack of variety. Maybe Ray is just a much better businessman than me but I think the money would have been better spent if it was put toward the ventilation system required for frying.
Thank god the cappacino ice cream is back
perhaps it is replacing a broken machine, they don't last as long as they used to
All of Ray's ice cream machines are very old and barely functional . they require typically $10000 or more in maintenance a summer .there is no simple solution to this problem .

Ray has to have ice cream to sell .that means working machines making a sufficient amount of ice cream . Without the new machine even more money would have been spent keeping an old worn out machine running . What makes this such a problem is that Ray does not have the money for either repairs or a new machine . he is hoping for a miracle of some sort to provide the money .

Perhaps big government can see fit to give 77 year old Ray the social security benefits owed him including the retroactive payents that he is entitled to .
Does this machine tell fortunes as well?
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