Saturday, April 24, 2010


Krishna Consciousness , Donna Returns and Preparing to Floss After a Couple of Beers , All Friday Night Under the Sidewalk Shed at Ray's Candy Store

Holy Smokes! Donna is back! Did she mention what she did with Victor?
He is in prison . According to Donna he was sentanced to 7 to 15 years for beating her .
Hare Krishna
7 to 15 YEARS? What did he beat her with? One of Bloomberg's polo ponies?
No pony , according to Donna he tried to throw her out their 12th floor apartment window .

Donna seems to be happy that he's gone .
are these Krishna's under the guidance of that swami who did time for killing another krishna in West Virginia?
any turnip pie?? R they in a squat on third street
Another fine day on Avenue A....
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