Thursday, April 08, 2010


Jimmy and Biker Bill Just Read the NY Post NYPD Crime Blotter ...

....and not surprisingly one of the Manhattan crime reports is about someone that they both know .
It seems that a notorious East Village personality , the infamous L.E..S Jewels ( a.k.a. Joel Pakela) is going to be doing some time .
What facts that are available are above .

I never thought of Jewels as a "thug" per se.
The best thing that could happen for Amy would be Jewels doing a long stretch in jail. Then she could move on with her life.
Yeah , "thug" does sort of flatter Jewels' criminal capacities
The worldwide web says he pled to misdemeanor assault and will be sentenced on June 01. He doesn't show up on the NYC inmate locator (google it :)) ,but that gets updated every day. Time will tell
Maybe it will be a Jewel free bad Marlene didn't abet him -_-
Joel is a guest at the lovely George R. Vierno Center on beautiful Rikers island, where he will enjoy fine dining, top notch recreation facilities and fantastic views of Manhattan.
thank you anonymous , its puts us at ease to know that Jewels is being well treated and apparently has all the accustomed comforts of home .
Oh, he's in there now, baby! Book & Case # 3491005245, remanded to custody, so I guess he'll spend the entire spring in one of the Vierno Center's lovely precast concrete cells. Well, at least he's getting a head start on serving his time, right?

Is Amy still wasting her time waiting for him to straighten out? She seems like a smart girl, I would have thought she would have moved on by now...
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