Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A Sign of Spring on Avenue A : L.E.S. Jewels Absconds With a Pitcher Full of Sangria From Yuca Bar's Window ... and Drinks It All Too

Yuka bar is a piece of crap place anyway. For once, I actually am rooting for Jewels. The Yuca Bar owner is such a pompous Asshole
hahah..wonder what the folx who bought the pitcher thought..?
LOL, What a score for Jewels! Do you think they saw him outside drinking their sangria? They would have taken one look at him and said "well, ewww, I don't want it back now."
Yes Tom the folks at Yuca saw him ....and no they did not want the pitcher back . The manager came out and asked us what happened . We told him that Jewels had absconded with a pitcher . He shrugged knowing that any effort to regain the pitcher was a waste of time . Jewels is just another of the costs of doing business on avenue A.

Jewels was found later around the corner from avenue A on St. Marks Place passed out . the empty pitcher was not too far from his supine body .
You'd think people would have learned by now not to put their drinks on the windowsill. Then again, maybe they do it for the entertainment. They could at least be nice and put out a platter of sandwiches or a hot apple pie.
Hey Goggla,

That's a great idea!
I just don't get it.Back in the day,someone like this mess L.E.S. would have wound up in the E.R. or worse....I guess the hood has gone soft. :-(
i have to say, i hate yuca bar so much that i'm rather happy about this bit of jewels mischief.
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