Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Good News For Ray ...

Today it was more than just a $50 check received from a friend that Ray was feeling good about . His legal team at the Elder Law Clinic at Cardozo Law School called Ray and gave him some good news too .
Ray's legal team had received a CD from The Dept. of Home Land Security with Ray's alien file on it . This disc had been sent in a paper envelope by means of the US Postal Service .This disc was received damaged , cracked and non-functional . Today the legal team informed Ray that they had received the second copy of his file from The Dept. Home Land Security and that this copy was intact and functional and contained everything that he could possibly hope for .
The disc contained a set of Ray's finger prints that were made in 1988 when he applied for permanent resident status , testimony from 3 individuals that knew Ray as both Ray and as Asghar , a naval identification card from his time in training at Great Lakes Naval Station and identification of the date and place of his birth. As we understand things today these finger prints from 1988 and a set of Ray's finger prints made recently match .Finally big government says Ray is really Ray !
Ray must still appeal his claim with the Social Security Administration .No one knows how long that will take . We know that both council person Mendez's office and U.S. Representative Meloney's office are helping to expedite that process of appeal .

That's got to be a big relief. Good for you Ray. :)
That really is good news for Ray!
lots of people have to appeal Social Security decisions & have won. keep at it and soon you will be posting that Ray is getting his monthly checks.
Good more hurdle!

Thanks Bob for your help setting up the lawyer support.
These fuckers took his money for more than 20 years without any bureaucratic hurdles getting in the way, but they put him through the grinder just to get a fraction of a fraction of HIS money back from them when he needs it most.

What a fucking racket....

[By the way, aside from the successful navigation through the SSI muck (thanks to you Bobby!), I've never seen Ray happier. He told me he was amazed by the large numbers of people who turned out for his latest benefit. The love shown him by his neighbors and supporters has put a glow on Ray's face. It's really true that love makes all things new again....]
Very glad to learn that things are looking up for Ray. I hope this nice weather means more people are stopping in for food and well wishes, too. What a great week! And the Mosaic Man got a bio doc on PBS!
Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!!!!!
I love Ray, and I know this whole thing will work itself out. What a relief for Ray and for all of us who love him!!! :)
so good to hear.
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