Sunday, February 21, 2010


This Week End at Ray's Candy Store ....

This week end wasn't a big money maker for Ray . The crowds were not big and they went home earlier than was usual in times past .
The delivery team didn't have much business either . Likely there just wasn't enough advertising of the service . More brochures will be printed and distributed this week to places such as bars , laundromats and dorms .
Max and Nate told us that they had delivered 3 orders up to 2AM . They and other members of the delivery team ,when needed , were kept busy helping Ray serve his customers at the candy store's well worn blue counter .

I was hoping to order something last week when it was initially planned but the # didn't work. Would have ordered but wasn't in town this weekend.
These kids are really amazing to pitch in and help Ray. I wonder if it would help to station people with signs over on First and Second Avenues on busy nights, directing them to Ray's for late-night snacks. What do people think?
Hey... we made a colorful sign for the phone number and they are showing the boring b-side.

I think it was slow due to lack of marketing, nobody knew the phone number, they ran out of menus and it wasn't all over the blogs like it was the week before.

Spread the word, they'll be out delivering again this Saturday. I was one of the few orderers and it went very smoothly. And the bonus is that the kids now know how to make an egg cream!
Do you mind if I post this photo on my blog?
Post away Jill .Post the photo where ever you want .

People have been asking for brochures . Some have asked for brochures to distribute too .

Is there some way larger quantities of brochures can be held at Ray's for those that want to distribute them ?
I'm going to copy a bunch this week at my job and drop them off at Ray's. I might not be able to get too many done in one day, but I'll try to do them in a batches.

I encourage anybody who has access to a copy machine to take a copy of the menu from your blog and make some.
The sign looks very professional.
Everybody Remember that this saturday there will be delivery service as well. 1 718 473 9636!
I really hope that Ray will be alright and get his social security benefits soon.
I don't want to see him evicted.
it's good he has support. there are so many elderly people who have no one at all to go to bat for them.
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