Sunday, February 07, 2010


Ray's Delivered to Your Door on Saturday Nights

No need to name a cheeseburger or sandwhich after a horrible One-Term do nothing president.
I'll have one of everything to go please.
Just imagine what character shows up and delivers your thanks
Just so everyone knows . The people that will be operating the delivery service are local high school kids and local college kids . they have all grown up in the neighborhood with Ray in their midst .they came up with the idea to help Ray and are donating their time .

So anonymous , you do not have to imagine characters . The folks delivering will not be crack heads , dope heads or alcoholics making some spare change to support their habits .Such folks are not part of the project .
AnonyMASS does it again....
I met one of the Mom's of one of the young people who will provide this service and she was lovely. Coming together is so cool. Doing a good deed is real.
Bob the photos of the snow creatures--did you take them last night??I am so sorry I missed them.
Also the photo of the old buildings on Union Square--that is a timeless shot especially with the old timey car parked on the right. Is this one recent??
The snowy ones were photoed last night . the building picture was taken last week
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