Friday, February 12, 2010


Bad News for Ray and Ray's Candy Store ...

Ray received this document today . From a quick reading of these court issued eviction papers by some who actually know something about such matters the document appears to be insufficient in fact and procedure . It can likely be dismissed but Ray does have to answer at the clerks office claiming a court date to argue the details . Ray has paid his December and January rent but not his February rent .
Ray needs to make some money this long holiday weekend to pay his February rent .Everyone come to Ray's and buy , buy , buy .......


Maybe you can partner w/ other media such as other blogs like's NEW YORK DAILY PHOTO and their ilk to get the word out and feature Ray and his plight - god bless Ray and you Bob for your devotion to his relevance to the neighborhood!
Well, this is not entirely unexpected. Do you know the proceeds from the Sidewalk benefit went towards January or February?
goggla I do not believe that any of the $1300 from the Day of Ray has been directed to paying the rent . I have been told that it was being held to use to buy materials for Ray's exhaust system .

Now though it is very clear that the most important thing to commit all money to is to paying the rent for february . With that $1300 and what Ray already has on hand combined with what we hope he can earn this long holiday week end we hope that he can pay his February rent the first of next week .

It should be noted again that Dec and January rents have been paid . Depending on how you look at things its not clear that Ray is sufficiently late in paying his February rent to be considered in arrears and subject to dispossess actions as presented in the document of interest in this post
As to partnering we are already doing so with several others .
Maybe a call to the "SLACTIVIST" would help He is the MAN ......
If he is paying his rent, then maybe the Lanlord is picking on him, trying to use tactics to get him shut down. Sounds a little unfair
There's always Gem Spa.
Infinitely superior.
Crass Flesh--Ray's are the best.
The Petition appears to have defects on its face, I don't know whether it was served on Ray properly. If this petition is dismissed on those grounds, suit could still be brought against Ray with a new Petition.
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