Wednesday, January 06, 2010


With an Assist From George Foreman , Ray Introduces His Latest Culinary Masterpiece , The Phili (sic) Cheese Steak

This morning at 7AM Ray's new George Foreman grill ,which he purchased from KMart the day before , produced his first Phili (sic) cheese steak for a customer . This juicy 2 minute wonder topped with Ray's special cheese sauce , was served to a professional chef . This chef had earlier helped Ray refine his steak frying technique . This professional chef enjoyed Ray's first cheese steak so much that he returned late in the afternoon for another Phili Cheese Steak , a la Ray , with an order of Ray's Belgian fries . And the cheese steak and fries... only $5 total .
Sorry but we don't have any product art at this time to add to the post .

The talk is out that Ray's will have a Special DELIVER Service to Regulars as of Feb first .......
For household use only.
Not just breaking the law, but publicizing it too.
Lets just hope he doesnt call it Rays Famous Obama Filly Cheese Steak -_-
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