Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two Males Stabbed at Pyramid Club Early Thursday Morning ....

Blood was splattered early this morning on avenue A . Something went wrong inside the Pyramid Club around 1:30 Thursday morning and 2 males were stabbed .Witnesses said that colors were involved , that is gangs . Asymmetrically Blue did the stabbing and Red did the bleeding . The wounded were taken to hospital . We do not know their condition .
There was mention by witnesses of pipes and fire arms also . The new "Police Line-Do Not Cross" tape was used to cordon off areas where police were looking for evidence .Some officers were seen looking for spent cartridges .
Witness accounts differed as to whether fire arms were actually displayed and discharged . Two witnesses did claim though that when they were displayed the crowd on the street scattered with many leaving the scene .
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P.S. : 7:50 PM Thursday 14 Jan. , 2010 . Concerning this morning's bloody event at the Pyramid Club.
Early this evening we spoke with another witness to the chaos in the street in front of the Pyramid Club . This witness affirms that while at the corner of 7th st. and avenue A he saw the large crowd in the street and that he also heard 4 or 5 gunshots . He claimed that as the shots were fired the large crowd dispersed . This is as 2 other witnesses described the same shots-fired event . This witness though was in a very different position located across avenue A from the 2 other witnesses .
While we were at the scene this morning police were looking for shell casings and as far as we could determine none were found . We saw no overturned paper cups marking the location of found cartridges .
If the weapon were as some say a"belly gun" or "wheel gun" , that is a revolver, there would be no casings on the ground to be found by police . Unlike an automatic or semi-automatic weapon such a weapon does not automatically eject spent casings .It retains the spent casings in the cylinder until removed by the operator of the weapon .
If the weapon were a small caliber fire arm such as a .22 or .25 , with only a small charge behind the round then the report might not be heard by every one . Certainly the report would not necessarily be heard at a distance on a busy street or in an apartment with the windows closed .

The blood is still on the pavement. I just walked by.
i live literally right up stairs (close enough to hear the bass from the club at night) and was awake at that time. i did not hear and gun shots, so im guessing none were fired.
Another Yuppie bucket of blood Never happened at A7
They need to close these clubs and bars around the area. Less bars, less people, less trouble.
I kinda doubt that it was a yuppie fight.

Pyramid entertains the Rap genre regularly and has attracted the gangsta element en mass to it's doors.

By the way, A/7 had it's moments....
Close the clubs and bars!! The state needs to get involved. Ave A is a death trap. In the last 6 months, we have this and the Shooting at 13 and A by pyramid city. Enough is Enough.
By "rap club" I think we all know what we're talking about here. Stop catering to hoods, problem goes away.
this is a completely random incident. ive been going to the pyramid every week several times a week even, and while yeh, there is your usual bar incidents, nothing like this ever happens.

whatever "gangsta" elements you may encounter on sundays or mondays, i can say with 100% confidence, are some of the most brilliant creative talented people ive ever met.

if you think a between 6th & 7th is unsafe, youve never spent much time btwn 7th & 8th, or 8th & 9th... lol, respect to all the good dudes who bounce at pyramid and keep the block safe!!

obviously what happened sucks, and people who live right around there should be concerned, but welcome to nyc.... its... still... nyc.

without places like the pyramid, ave a is gone......... long live the pyramid!!!!!!!!

moonday ceremony master
Folks, let's not kid ourselves. It's a regular gang meeting outside that club every Saturday night. People flashing their signs and wearing their colors -- the whole nine yards. Yes, it's still NYC, but we don't need to put up with gang-related behavior -- especially when it leads to violence.
oh yeh? interesting considering saturday is a 80s... all those new wave synth pop gangsters....

my guess is anonymous prolly considers any group of more than 5 black dudes to be gang related behavior. lets REALLY not kid ourselves.

tuesdays are the most "thugged out" night at pyramid.

sundays and mondays are two of the longest running parties in NYC... 10 years & 16 years respectively, and are both east village institutions in their own right. they both attract very talented musicians & extremely friendly people, and have very little violence, aside from your occasional standard bar brawl once every few months at MOST.

get rid of pyramid, and alls you will have left is yuppies & the few remaining lovable, yet more or less unproductive intoxicated local trouble makers roaming at night.
Just to set the record straight, my comment about the Pyramid was not to imply that it should be shut down, and my mention of The Gangsta Element was only made because it seemed unlikely that Yuppies were involved in this night club stabbing. But hey, you never know.

Ave A has always been a hot spot for criminal activity and violence.

Back in the day it was punks and skinheads and it was usually a matter of fighting between those who knew each other. Not always, but usually.

With hip hop, you have out of town factions mixing on supposed neutral territory. Thats how it starts. Nothing unique to the pyramid at all. It happens in clubs all over the country.

The comment made about ave a between 6th and 7th being safer than a lot of the rest of the area is quite true. I never had a problem with any of the people hanging in front of Pyramid.
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