Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ray's 77th Birthday Party ...

No dog-and-pony act ; no midgets on tricycles for Ray but burlesque dancer "Creme Burlee" stripped and "Alburgo the Clown" mischievously clowned to entertain Ray and his many friends at his 77th birthday party Monday night .
These are very trying times for Ray and this party afforded a brief respite from his 7-day-a-week struggle and noticeably lifted his spirits .
Ray was of course spanked . It was a 77th birthday which would require that Ray be spanked 77 times . Creme Burlee gave him a break reducing the number to 7 and 7 , that is 14 , spankings with a large blue rubber glove .
There was a small cheese cake that miraculously fed the multitude .
Learn from Slum Goddess what Ray wished for before blowing out the candles :
For more from EVGrieve on Ray including "the Day of Ray" coming in February :

Sweet!! I love Ray--glad he had a great day and night. He deserves it.
Was the cheesecake from Veniero's?
Thanks for the pics, Bob. And a happy birthday to Ray - many more to come!
These pics are great! I loved the dancer-she was so into it..very cute.
fabulous pics Bob--and a big happy birthday to Ray. hope he's still celebrating it in the candy store next year...
These photos made my day. Thanks.
I did not know "Pogo The Clown" was still worling.
Does Ray have any family? Was he ever married? Does he have any kids? I would think he must have some family somewhere. Does anyone know?
Please send the clown to Clown Rehab.

why are you bugging about Ray's family? wonder why he worked under another name and SS number for so long?
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