Monday, January 04, 2010


Monday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park : One Rat's Demise

Wow, nice action shot!
Great photo Bob as always!
How do you get these shots??? Amazing!
Awesome shot Bob.
Now if only that hawk can eat Hot Dog, Choise and the rest of the Chess Table trash, The park would be a good place to take your kids again.
name a time in the last ... years that the park was a place for little kids.

not that im complaining.

now if that red tail was only big enough to drag off some yuppies...
wow, that's amazing
The Park is fine for kids--they have a new playground-some parts of the park are more kid friendly than others.
I remember seeing quite a few shutter bugs attempting to catch The Hawk in lethal action to no avail.

Congratulations on capturing this wondrous moment of natures house cleaning.
I worry about all the toxins in the rats these hawks are eating - well, breed early and often I guess....great pic
This is a sad sad day. I loved that rat like it was my own illegitimate, mentally ill child. His name was Shlomo and now he's gone...sob!!!! Funeral services will be held tomorrow..BYOPCH. Bring Your Own Philly Cheese Steak from Ray's..
First of all yes it is great to see that , the pic is not so hot because it is through a fence.
A playground and kids playing in Tompkins square park, this just shows how NYC has fallen apart and the out of towners have destroyed the what was the true NYC. Raised rents to insane prices especially the LES. A place where non-NYers would never go past 1st ave. Real NYers can no longer live in NYC because they have been driven out.
Great photo, as usual, Congrats. One less!
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