Friday, January 08, 2010


Meanwhile at Micky D's Grimace Returns and at Ray's , Phili is Changed to Philly

P.S. 10:40 Tuesday 12 Jan. 2010 . Concerning the comments at this particular post .
These links illuminate the author and subject of some of the comments posted here in and clearly displays what we have been dealing with for the last 2+ years .We are not asking for sympathy , we just want you to know something of this person and her claims against us .

Robert Arihood
I have forwarded to links now to the NYPD from your site underscoring your obsession as well as stalking me and your associates as well.
Also went to Google legal dept, lawyers, a photographer I really respect along with other members from the media. On going discussions with Google legal are the commentors as well.
Hey Bob!
Sounds like you pissed Grimace off.

You better watch out or Ronald McDonald is gonna get ya!
No S. its not Grimace thats pissed . I have a very obsessive stalker that is having an episode . she frequently ,it appears , reports me to the cops and Google .

I've never met Ronald but Grimace and I are still on good terms .
So this stalker has forwarded comments that she thinks may be about her to the police? On a blog on the internet? HA! She will be laughed out of the precinct like the crackpot she sounds like! Maybe she should grow up(I assume it's a young woman since this sounds so immature) and start letting the police do what their paid for..stop real criminals. They must laugh about her as they read her emails!
No Judy d this is not a young woman . She is 46 or 47 years old but she has the basic personality of a 5 year old .
Attention! This is the NYPD, thanks to a federal grant we stalk you with an army of squirrels implanted with bluetooth cameras.
We occasionally do use Bob's photos because while the squirrels work hard they have a poor grasp of composition and lighting.
Love and kisses,
Big Brother

p.s - we know when you are sleeping, we know when you're awake......
Squirrels ehh?

Where is the hawk when you need him???

I kid, I kid......
No you don't S.
Besides as cute and lovable as squirrels seem , they are quite tasty too.
Nice but why don't you tell them that you stalker her because and photograph her without her knowledge because you asked her to have her baby and she refused. She finds you too old and that fact that you are obese and dye both your hair and beard, that fact that you leaned over drunk and left a drooling kiss on her face, told her that you call your erection Mr. Softie
and that the NYPD did not laugh the emails your felllow stalker Lincoln Anderson and associates sent her away.
Let us see Robert Arihood if Google and the NYPD laugh this away.

I can post this comment on my blog. The links and comments I sent the NYPD are not being laughed off by anyone and that includes lawyers and the community.
Thanks a lot!

Like I needed THAT picture in my head every time I hear the Mr. Softie truck come around the neighborhood......
Hair dye, hair, hair.
Only Mr. Softee knows for sure....
Here comes Mr. Softee
The soft ice cream man
The creamiest dreamiest ice cream
You get from Mr. Softee

For a refreshing delight supreme
Look for Mr. Softee

My milkshakes my sundaes and my cones are such a treat

Listen for my store on wheels
Ding a ling down the street

The creamiest dreamiest ice cream
You get from Mr. Softee

S O F T double E

Mr. Softee!

Copyright 1960 By Mr. Softee Inc.
This Susannah B. Troy is really a piece of work. Aside from the fact that it is SHE who's been stalking Bob, that it is SHE who has been posting all sorts of insults, slander and false allegations against Bob on the web, she has the balls to claim that she is being victimized by Bob and his readers when she foolishly tries to attack him on his own blog!

Troy is a nut job who likes to poke bee hives, secretly WANTING the stinging assault to come so that she can get attention for being attacked by those bad bees.

We ALL see through your bullshit Troy, as does the NYPD and anyone else not crazy like you.
I just looked at your stalker's blog -- this lady is truly crazy. Who could take anything she says seriously????
Suzannah B. Troy is a truly a nut that needs to be "put away".

She lives in her own world. A world where she is beautiful and sexy and desired by all.

She was asked to leave her coop in the East Village, now lives in Williamsburg, but comes back to harrass us daily. Suzzannah stay in your own neighborhood.

This is a good thing. Maybe she finally has gone over the line and will be "put away". The NYPD will realize that she is finally nuts and maybe escort her to "Belview".
If she is so afraid of being "stalked", then why does she choose to come to the East Village every day, when she no longer lives here.
One problem (among many) with SB Troy is that she's so crazy that she actually helps politicians like Quinn. People see Troy screaming, think she's a maniac and that unfortunately gives credibility to Quinn. Troy's positions are actually quite good, but she undermines herself.
What the hell?????? The only individuals making sense on this string are the bluetooth squirrels.
Store Owner puts up Suzzannahh's Bee Troy's Fake Art, then DIES!!!
As can be seen Ms Troy has removed her comment s concerning reporting us to the police and Google
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