Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Friday and Saturday Nights at Ray's Candy Store ....

Ray made a little more money on Friday and Saturday night than he had been making on previous week end nights . The warmer weather brought larger crowds to the street . Saturday night was more productive than Friday . But the crowds this year are still smaller than last year and they thin out earlier . The following rainy Sunday was a money loser .
... and fromBlack-Ops Bob and John Penley by way of EVGrieve :

....and from Lilly and Haley by way of EVGrieve :

Bob--these photos are GREAT!!!!The kids sitting down on the step eating fries and stuff is priceless..I think these photos are the best ever.
thanx Melanie
Hi Bob,
I would like to talk with you about a project involving Ray's. Is there an email you can be reached at?
I can be reached at Rays in the evenings
I thought Black Ops Bob died this year
Is it possible that you will be there tomorrow(Wednesday) around mid-morning?
I got a small egg cream there on Saturday. It was the least I could do.
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