Monday, January 25, 2010


Big Saturday Night Party with Kids , Dogs and Fireworks at Ray's ; Some Good News and Strippers Tonight at Ray's at 11PM

John Penley Donates a General Grant

Black-Ops Bob

The Slacktivists were there as well as a Trotskyist and some Anarchists . Probably some other "ists" too , it is the East Village after all . Billed by the organizers , Black-Ops Bob and John Penley , as a protest and fund raiser the evening really came to be just a big good spirited party where folks had a good time and bought things from Ray and Amy . There were many who left extra big tips . Some just walked in , handed Ray a donation , wished him well and left .
Today we can report a little good news . A professional negotiator is now at work establishing communications between the buildings managing agent and Ray . Today we can say that this process has begun . We can say no more .
We would like to make it very clear that neither the Leshko family nor the managing agent wish Ray any harm . They would prefer to see Ray continue in his candy store . They appreciate how important Ray and his candy store are to the community . They are concerned for his current welfare and his future well being .No one wants to throw ray out into the street with no means of support .People should respect that this is a neighborhood thing and that all the parties involved here have known each other for nearly 40 years .
....and tonight at 11 PM folks . Yes ! there will be a 77th birthday party for Ray at 113 avenue A with a stripper or two dancing on that infamous blue counter . Be there !

Happy Birthday Ray!

For more on Ray's today from EVGrieve:

sucks that Im barely making my own ends meet as it is, but I will be there to get a Hot Dog, and the best dam Egg Cream in NYC, and hopefully other people as well. THe signs on Ave A are great, but we need to see if we can get people to come over from 1st ave as well.
Excellent news, Bob, about the professional negotiator... And a happy birthday to Ray!
Thank you MR. Penley, Nice to see Real Folks who stand up for what they belive The Smile on RAY'S face is worth it alone WELL DONE well done
Great photos Bob--I fell out and slept through Ray's party---can't wait to see your photos--they are always the best.
My first home in NYC back in 1963 was 110 Avenue A. Now I live on an island in the North Baltic. But in my heart I'll always be a New Yorker. Good Luck Ray and all of you trying to help him.
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