Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last Saturday Night at Banjo Jims : Eden and John's East River String Band


Experts Gather on St. Marks Pl. to Repair Mosaics and Hot Dog Arrested .

Around midnight Friday night a group of local mosaic repair experts were still busy repairing a lamppost mosaic on St. Marks Place . The repairs were being made to spruce up the block for the St Marks Place Block Party on Saturday .
Hot Dog Arrested
According to witnesses , Friday afternoon around 5PM police swept Crusty Row arresting 5 individuals . Among those arrested was Hot Dog (a.k.a. Marlene Bailey) who one witness claimed struck a plain clothes police officer with a cane .It was claimed that she appeared to be attempting to protect one of her Crusty Row friends from the arresting officer .Some claim that she did not know that the plain clothes officer was actually a cop .

Monday, September 14, 2009


After Summerin' in Dixie ...

"'re really gettin' stupid , I'm gonna have to beat you down . I ain't goin' to jail tonight because of you , asshole " said Sid "the Nazi". "You gotta stop the drinkin".
And stupid led to stupider and for 3 days straight L.E.S. Jewels was back working his old familiar game on old familiar turf after spending the summer south of the Mason-Dixon line mostly sober . And there were more beat downs too.
On Crusty Row this Tuesday afternoon Jewels took a pay back beat down for the drunken nonsense that fractured Biker Bill's pelvis 3 months ago . Read the last comment on this post from that time : There was more to come .
A short time later Jewels dropped his drawers near the children's playground . He took a beat down for it . His own cane to his head and some blood was spilled . There may have been more brutality on Crusty Row on this afternoon . The stories vary . It's a well known fact though that several local folks are waiting in line to do some pay back for their friend Biker Bill .
We next saw Jewels in the evening hours chasing some poor soul down avenue A , cane in hand menacing and hoping for tribute to buy more beers . As the evening progressed more folks were accosted demanding a bounty with a threatening cane brandished in their faces .
At midnight Jewels helped NYPD make closing Tompkins Square Park a more memorable event . He later stopped some cabs and exposed himself to the bar tender at Odessa Bar . The bar tender called NYPD for this one but no arrest was made . Now with all the energy from the earlier part of the day having faded away , Jewels slept .
Wednesday morning Crusty Row again saw Jewels drop his drawers near the children's playground . Again Jewels took a good beat down by one of the locals .
After a very long difficult day in TSP Jewels calmed a bit and in the evening passed out in front of Ray's Candy Store . Someone called 911 and an ambulance arrived . Jewels awoke angry and nasty . He said some really nasty things to the EMTs ... and then the cops showed up at Ray's . Jewels' smart-mouth worked overtime on the cops and then he ran over to the front door of Odessa bar and started a fight . The cops grabbed him , lectured him about keeping his pants on and keeping his smart-assed trap shut . No arrest was made .
Jewels spent the remaining hours of Wednesday evening undressing and accosting folks on the street and in the bars and restaurants along avenue A . As Ray played some Perry Como tunes from YouTube over speakers placed in his front window to attract customers , Jewels , pants removed , argued with a cantankerous local as Mosaic Man watched.
Thursday evening we found Jewels sitting with Marlene on a bench in TSP . Marlene for the better part of 3 days had been watching over Jewels , running for beers and snacks . She tried to protect him from himself as well as all the angry , hostile folks around the park and on avenue A .
On this last Sunday , a few days later , we saw Jewels in TSP . He asked what had happened . Who and how many had beat him .Here we told him folks are waiting in line to get at him to beat him . Jewels had lost Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday . He claimed to remember nothing of those days just as he claimed to remember nothing of the drunken nonsense that led to a fractured pelvis for Biker Bill . .

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Beer Bottle Throwing Spree on 4th Street Saturday Afternoon Ends with Arrests on Avenue A ...

According to several eye-witnesses who had witnessed the group of 30 or so charge down 4th street around 5:30 PM Saturday , the confrontation that ended with at least 2 arrests on avenue A started at the corner of 4th street and avenue B . As the mostly male group charged down 4th street several beer bottles were hurled . According to some in the group some of the bottles struck people .As far as we could determine no one was hurt .
This group of 30 or so was apparently composed of one larger group and a smaller attacking gang of 8 to 10 much more aggressive young males , 2 of which we saw being arrested at 66 avenue A . According to a woman with the larger group , her group had been at the East Side Tabernacle on 2nd street for an awards ceremony for her group of children . The awards were given to the children for playing basketball . Several of the boys in the group displayed their just received awards that were hanging around their necks .The picture above shows some of these children standing at the scene of the arrest at 66 avenue A .
Police responded to this disorderly situation with notable alacrity . A call for all units available to respond to a condition of civil disorder on 4th street and avenues B and A was made and 20 or so police officers were on scene shortly .
We do not know why the smaller more aggressive group decided to attack the larger group of children , driving them down 4th street while hurling beer bottles . At the scene on 4th street we could see and smell several broken beer bottles .

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