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"Slactivist" John Penley Returns to Hold a Memorial for "Barnacle Bill" Scott at 9 PM Friday Night ...

John Penley will be returning to the East Village this week . Things did not work out well for him during his stay in Erie Pa. so he has decided to return to NYC ... at least for a while .
"Slacktivist" Penley will for his first action hold a memorial for neighborhood sailor "Barnacle Bill" Scott who recently died of complications of a stroke .
The memorial will begin at 9 pm Friday night 17 July at the corner of 7th street and avenue A at the entrance to Tompkins Square Park .
Friends of much loved and legendary Tompkins Square Park regular "Barnacle Bill" will be accepting donations as above to place an inscribed memorial octagon at the Temperance fountain in remembrance of Bill.


Sunday Evening The Reverend Billy's Campaign Trail Led Down Crusty Row to Ray's Candy Store ...

Some surprised regular inhabitants of Crusty Row this evening were unprepared for a visit from a candidate for Mayor . The Reverend Billy strolled down the row of park benches after an afternoon of rehearsals and a potluck dinner sur l'herbe in Tompkins Square Park . This evening the campaign trail led the Reverend Billy and his choir , by way of Crusty Row , to Ray's Candy Store .
Encomium with choral accompaniment cheered and lifted a dispirited Ray at the front door of his store . 76 year old Ray was praised and thanked for being the good and worthy person who has helped so many over the past 35 years . His candy store's years as a unique part of this East Village community were celebrated too . This little bit of support for Ray , whose candy store is facing a very uncertain future , brought at once a smile to Ray's face and then a tear or two to his eyes .
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Saturday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

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