Saturday, March 07, 2009


Pissing Again on Avenue A ...

We return to this infamous phone booth of which we have posted several times in the past . This booth on avenue A at 7th street has been used regularly and variously as a pissoir , vomitorium , crapper , beer stash , message board , dressing room , place of numerous partly obscured sultry assignations and of course as a phone to place thousands of East Village heroin orders . More recently this booth has been known as on "Slumgoddess " as the "Pee Phone".

Tonight the booth was again in use . One of the usual suspects was availing himself of this booth , leaning on his cane using the booth as a pissoir . On the out side of the booth some local wag had scribbled in crimson a bit of old doggerel advising of ancient pregnancy prevention techniques . Earlier in the evening one of the angry and drunken locals had smashed the phone's hand set , spilling its electronic guts across the sidewalk . In the East village on avenue A some things just don't change .

Be warned , don't touch this phone ; do not use it . The vomitors and pissers , as can be seen from the nature of the dribbles above , almost always aim high .

P.S. 04:35 hrs Sunday morning : We have been told that the above pisser was arrested Saturday afternoon for pissing on a police vehicle in Tompkins Square Park . Several individuals took pictures of the event so take a look at Flickr and elsewhere , perhaps these pictures have been posted .


Ray's Candy Store : A Worthy and Venerable Delight


Friday Night on Avenue A

Friday, March 06, 2009


Two Veiws of a Thorn Tree


Two Tompkins Square Park Familiars : Starling and Leeds Bottle


Coffee Cup


Elm Trees

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Today in Tompkins Square Park : Red Tail Drops Lunch in the Snow

This mid day a Red Tailed Hawk , while attempting to rend and devour a small young rat , dropped the rat . Something to be expected occasionally of course if one must eat with ones feet . The tasty young morsel fell down to the deep snow below where it disappeared .
The hawk , hungry as it was , winged its way below to a fence and then down to the snow , sinking up to its snazzy pantaloons . The hawk walked about with some difficulty in the deep snow , looking thoughtfully here and there ; mostly down at the snow where it knew that there must be a dead rat .
The hawk seemed to have an idea where the rat was and finally committed to go for the dead youngster . With the rat grasped by the talons of one foot the hawk flew , by way of a brief stop on a lamp post , to a tree limb to continue lunch .

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Oak Tree


A Return to Mary Help of Christians Roman Catholic Church

Last year on January 30 ,2008 we posted of this group of parishioners that daily says the Rosary on the steps of Mary Help of Christians Roman Catholic church on East 12th street . Last night , cold as it was ,this group of neighborhood parishioners was again at the steps of the church saying the Rosary . These faithful souls have been on these steps every night since the end of May in 2007 .
For more see here :

Monday, March 02, 2009


Victor's Shoes and the Temperance Fountain


Shades of Tyson on Avenue A Friday Night ? ...

Friday night at an avenue A Japanese restaurant a man's ear had been bitten ... at least as we understood things when we first arrived at 103 avenue A . The signal we received by police radio that led us to the scene claimed , incorrectly , that a weapon was involved . Clearly there had been some sort of violent disorder but as in most situations on the street it's never immediately clear what has happened . Many of the people who are involved in an incident do not want to talk about what happened . Police are not especially talkative and often direct one to ODCPI( Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information) . With events of this sort this office rarely has any useful information .
At these crime scenes we often listen to police as they question witnesses . We also listen for other conversation tidbits that might provide clues . Initially this night people were claiming that a latter day Mike Tyson had bitten on an ear at 103 avenue A .
But there were two ears that appeared to be bleeding . As time went on we noticed that though police were looking more closely at the male's left ear , with a very bright light no less , both ears seemed to be injured , with blood visible . This male , reportedly an employee of the restaurant , had suffered something more than just a single Tyson-esque chomp .
Shortly those claiming an ear biting seemed to be less certain about their claims . Then we witnessed the injured male with his head placed between the front door jamb and the edge of the door . With his head so positioned the male was claiming that an enraged patron had slammed the door closed on his ears . Unfortunately we missed this shot .
This is as of this posting what we know of the event . One man was cuffed and taken away in an unmarked police car . We believe that the male with the two injured ears ,if it was actually two and not one , was taken to hospital by ambulance .

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Brooklyn Visits Ray's Candy Store Saturday Night


Behold , So Little Remains of the Ice Cream Cone : Ray's Candy Store


Saturday in Tompkins Square Park

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