Monday, December 14, 2009


The Sunday Night Floor Show at Ray's Candy Store ...

Sunday night a man with a Mohawk walked into Ray's Candy Store , several bags in hand , and sat down on the floor blocking any traffic in or out of the store . He sat there talking to himself , mostly incoherently , though several times he did utter something to the effect that he had been mugged . He did have a slight cut above one eye . He didn't move , he just sat , angrily mumbled and opened his bags .
With all his bags open he dug into each bag and pulled out this and that of what was his strewing these possessions about on Ray's floor . He continued to mutter and mumble . Some of his angry ,growling chatter was clearly threatening .
Ray asked the man to leave several times . Then as Ray often does when his store is occupied by troublesome undesirables , Ray told this man that he had to sweep and mop the floor and to do so required that the store be closed .
The man with the Mohawk was not ready to leave and in response to Ray he struck Ray's broom knocking it out of Ray's hands. Ray then tried pouring water on the floor near the man . This angered the man with the Mohawk , he rose to his feet and pushed back at Ray . Somehow Ray got the now growling angry man out the front door .
Several folks now dialed 911 for the police . We stepped into the fray as the man with the Mohawk hit ray and then ran away . We and others including Ray followed . An unsuccessful attempt to keep the man with the Mohawk from leaving the area was made . Ray confronted him , yelled at him and then went back to his unattended store .
The man with the Mohawk sat down for a while and said "bring the cops , I was mugged and the old man poured water on me " . Later he walked away , bags in hand , travelling west on 7th street .
Somehow the calls to police were not properly recorded . The radio call for an assault was never made and police did not come to the scene . We did flag down a police car later and these officers talked to Ray and others and then went looking for the man with a Mohawk .

yeesh..guess I shouldn't have mugged that guy. I needed that 50 cents though!
Ahh, Saul Alinsky's rules for homeless radicals. When caught trying to victimize a beloved shopkeeper, claim to be the victim of several unreported crimes yourself ;-)
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