Thursday, December 10, 2009


"Choice" and Killy : The Better Moment on Avenue A Wednesday Night

That Blond girl is SOOOOOOO NASTY. Eww she looks like white trash
Maybe you can meet up with her on Ave. A and go out on a date.

This way you can "Take Out The Trash."

Actually I'm kidding, as I am sure that ANYONE who would hang out with my friend Choice, has to be an upstanding, moral, and above average of intellect...... or a serial killer....
I imagine her with a husky voice and a heavy russian accent. Instead of hunting for moose and squirrel though, she is looking for crabs and syphilis - which of course is where "Choice" comes in :-)
p.s where is the stupid hat he always wears?
Daddy shuda bought dat girl the pony she asked fo.
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