Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Spidey Has an Avenue A Birthday Party But Eden Couldn't Keep Her feet on the Ground ...

Saturday night Spidey came to Avenue A with his rickshaw to climb the walls and charm the babes . Spidey worked the block for a while hauling folks , mostly females of course , around while doing all his special acrobatic routines . But tonight was a special night for Spidey . Saturday was Spidey's birthday . A celebration was in order and Ray's Candy Store was a good place to start .
Eden was out on the street . She had just performed with her band in Jersey and was looking for a little fun . She saw Spidey and his rickshaw hauling folks around and she asked him if she could run with the rickshaw too. Spidey's answer was "of course " .
Eden ran down the sidewalk pulling the rickshaw but just couldn't keep her feet on the ground . Well , probably better to just go drink and have some fun at Lucy's .Next stop Lucy's!
Spidey chains his rickshaw and all repair to the bar at Lucy's venerable avenue A drinking establishment . Spidey selects some tunes , drinks are poured and sipped . Spidey lets down his hair and in earnest his birthday party begins .

Ah, I wanna have a go at it!
Hahah..that night was hilarious! I would quit drinkging but then my life would be like half as fun..hehehe..great shots!
Yes, ladies love spandex but the guys need a fun ride too! The rickshaw is unisex. I wanna give anyone whose interested, curious, shy, frightened, excited, sober, unsober, happy, miserable, suspicious, skeptical, ready or not, gurls n bois.

Anyone who mentions this blog to me gets a free ride!!! come and get it!
Yes, it's true..Spidey will pull anyone..i think girls just generally are more into it..and who can resist a man in spandex?
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