Sunday, November 01, 2009


Halloween and Early All Saints Day on Avenue A ...

Gravity defying braids were popular .We saw the Longstocking braids up and down avenue A .Spidey was there thrilling the ladies with his rickshaw acrobatics .Ray's Candy Store was busy all night as were all the bars and clubs . It seemed that everything imaginable disgusting and terrifying was manifest and afoot on the avenue this Halloween night . As is typical there was plenty of Halloween violence too.
There were numerous conflicts in the East and West Villages resulting in beatings , stabbings and shootings . Four males were shot on 7th avenue . We only saw one fight though on the avenue Halloween night .
Two strangers , a male and a female , started arguing in front of Ray's . The argument progressed to blows . The female's male companion attempted to drag her away from her male opponent but blows still landed on both parties before the sparing pair could be permanently separated .The male who had hit the female at least once was not popular with the folks who saw it all .

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