Tuesday, November 17, 2009


D'OH! ...

Revelers awed behold Homer's looming visage at the Cooper Square Hotel.

Just because I don't care, that doesn't mean I don't understand....
which do I hate more? yuppie wanna be beatniks or gun toting baby gangstahs?

put them all together and what do you have?
copyright issue? it's one thing if a graffiti artist paints homer simpson just for fun. but i think it's another if the artist paints homer simpson and gets paid for it. and if a hotel pays an artist to paint homer simpson on its wall to (at least in its own mind) enhance its image.
not sure if this is the right person to ask, but...
Copyright Agent
Email: FOX.DMCA@fox.com
Subject Line: FBC Sites DMCA
Telephone: (310) 369-7069
Fax: (310) 969-5660
'put them all together and what do you have?'

Moron Stew!
Hey! It's better than Yuppie Wanna Be Gangstas or Gun Toting Baby Beatniks....

Or maybe that would be interesting.

Put them all together and they spell BROOKLYN.
S. Malanoski--I loved Brooklyn before it was cool--or cool to love it. Now it's ruined.
put em together and they can off each other so the rest of us can live happily evah aftah
Yes Melanie

Cheaper rent than the LES though.....
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