Saturday, November 14, 2009


Youths Join in Bloody Battle in 5th Street Cul-De-Sac Friday Night ...

Blood was spilled over a 50 foot stretch of sidewalk along the curving arc of the 5th street cul-de-sac during a violent confrontation between several young males Friday night shortly after 11 PM . This cul-de-sac , a short section of 5th street , extends just to the west of avenue C roughly half a block .
At least 2 young males were taken to hospital . There was mention made of 3 young males in black hoodies running from the scene. We do not know whether any of those who fled were taken into custody by police though a search was in progress as we left the scene of the violence .

I saw at least one young male in a dark hoodie in handcuffs and being taken into custody on the corner of Ave C and E 3rd St. on Friday night around 11:30PM.

I can't say for sure, but it sounds likely that it's connected to this incident.
Jeez, this is terrible.
That has always been a heavy gang block. Gentrification has swept other areas clear, but they remain. Am I being to cynical to note that at least no guns were used
I saw one kid hit a cop car with a bottle on 3rd street. The kids ran into an apt building and locked the cops out as they chased them, and the cops broke the door down and arrested one. Its good to see the cops finally do something about these hood-rats. Maybe they will get the hint that the neighborhood will not stand for this violence.
We did hear communications that NYPD did have one under at 3rd street . We cannot confirm the fact of capture though
Travis, I saw someone get arrested on 3rd st close to ave D. Do you think the kid got arrested for hitting a cop car with a bottle or was he arrested for something else?
From what I understand, the victims tried to run away towards Avenue B, not realizing that it was a cul-de-sac and there was no way out. It is kind of silly the way that block is designed.
it is no "heavy gang block"
its just ppls dealing drugs
because its easy money
because ther is no work
for young brown skinned youth
its the sad truth. and are as much of a gang as any of them. most of these cops are racist and if not corupt just like the kids of our street. we are responsible for each other. we need to help each other. be concious and think.
stop the violence. our children are killing eachother while the gov. is selling ther future
Hey Anon...
The cops arent corrupt and racist. I too am black. Its ignorant ass people like yourself that are holding us down. The police dont give us problems, they give criminal and hoodlums problems because that is what they get paid to do by the people WE elected to run this city.
I work with the community board, and the cops in the 9th I know(alot of black ones too) are helping us keep the streets safe by listeneing to what I have to say, and taking action whenever I call them to report a problem.
it's either black or Spanish males between the ages of 14 and 26. do we thank Hollywood, P.Diddy, or their absent fathers for their lack of manners?

what's with the excuses?

"its just ppls dealing drugs
because its easy money" the ppls get the drugs from gangs, they get protection from the gangs.

obviously if there are violent public confrontations drug dealers give themselves bad press.

if you are brown skinned you can break the law? my life has been way harder than any brown skinned person's . I am not dealing drugs or breaking the law. if you are black or Spanish you get handed government benefits that white people don't get. tell me that they all live in section 8 or NYCHA housing, subsidized by the government, tell me that they are all on food stamps and medicaid.

their drug dealing doesn't pay the rent, doesn't put groceries on the table.

no it is not cool to be a junkie, it is not cool to be a prostitute. it is not cool to be a crackhead.
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