Monday, October 05, 2009


Sunday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

Who's the Edie Sedgewick wannabe?
We do not know
Edie Sedgewick?

That's a funny name for a dog.....
It's all about the shoes--those tights are great--zebra striped--I had the stephen strouse (sp?)tights in turquoise with his designs--whatever old is new again--glad I was in on this one. Haven't worn leggings in yearrrrs--been thinking about it--but alas--
She looks absolutely ridiculous. Why would a seemingly healthy woman wear crippling shoes?
Those aren't zebra striped, they're lots of mini crimson ghost skulls.
Actually, they are logo's for the Punk band The Misfits.
The Crimson Ghost is the name of the Misfits logo.
True dat.

I missed it.

It's hard to read with 20 Eyes in my head.
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