Saturday, October 17, 2009


The First Satisfied Customer Tastes Ray's Newest Delight , The Belgian Waffle ...

First it was Belgian Fries now its Belgian Waffles at Ray's . This most recent gustatorial delight comes topped with a variety of tasty goops , creams , syrups and fruits to suit the most discerning of tastes . The customer can even choose Ray's own organic Maple Syrup .
As can be seen above , tonight's first customer to taste the new Belgian Waffles was watched intently by Biker Bill . Bill right away called for his own waffles which he happily wolfed down in true biker style .

Those waffles look really, really good...
The Belgian Waffle looks really good with bananas and whipped cream as shown here. YUM!!
Bananas and frozen yogurt--yum again.
Thr 1st customer looks like a savage....
Rays caters to a rough clientele....better watch out, Anonymass....
Man, those did look good...I had to turn it down girlish figure would hate me in the morning!
there are also grilled cheeses, even with tomato! so good!!! it's a mouth party all the time at ray's.
ak-I could make a dirty joke right about now but I shall refrain. The pics of Drew at Mars bar have shocked me into silence.
Did I mention the Olsen twins were at Odessa's bar saturday night? And they are shorter than me! Yay!
who's that beautiful cool young barmaid?
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