Sunday, October 25, 2009


At the Corner of St. Marks Place and Avenue A Spidey Charms the Women as a Fight Brews in the Background

I enjoy your blog. Been awhile since I looked in. Lived in the neighborhood mid-80's. Spent a lot of time in the International B&G, when it was on St Marks. Used to go to Ray's all the time.
I still have yet to see this guy - I wonder why he doesn't wear the mask. Is there a law against that or something?
Ahh, I see that Choice is free, and back to his old tricks....
Believe it or not, there's a fucking LAW against wearing a mask in NYC!! (Halloween must drive the NYPD nuts!!)

Recently, two guys in Times Square visiting from another state were stopped by the Gestapo (oops, I mean, Times Square NYPD) because they were dressed like Superman and Batman. In full costume without pockets, they didn't have the ids demanded by the police, who informed them that NY is NOT "Fun City" and that going around dressed like superheros is a no-no.

Well, Batman suddenly panicked and bolted, while Superman, who also had no id, stayed at the scene of the "crime."

The coppers saw their duty and done it -- they chased and tackled Batman, finally cuffing him to one of those crumbling plastic lounge chairs lining Broadway, where once real New Yorkers dared to tread. Superman was let go with a warning.

Only in New York, folks....
Hey! Thanks for the great post! I don't wear the mask because i like the exposure ;) Dressing up and posing like a superhero is one thing, but actually prowling the streets all night long and walking up walls with a carriage full of damsels is another thing. Besides whos gonna trust a bozo if you cant see him? East Village across St. Marks is my stomping ground, with jaunts into LES, SOHO, NOLITA, but pretty much anywhere where there are fun NY'ers. RESPECT THE LOCALS. My motto is F* midtown. Check out my youtube channel "NYCFUNRUN"

big love,
Spider Shaun
Well , there it is folks . The answer to the question that so many were asking , straight from Spidey .
Yes, but EXACTLY where is he coming from? Nobody knows who he is..
But Eden ,at least he's not likely a member of the Misogynist Club ...right?
If spidey also writes really bad erotica under the pseudonym sue-cady york, then maybe he IS the femi-nazi! Can you imagine?
eden!, i've done shots and chatted with spidey!

i was also given a mini-ride and have to admit that, while skeptical, it was the highlight of my evening. it totally turned my evening around from a downright awful rage-filled mess to magical supremeness.
Really AK? Was he at Mars Bar? I love him! I want him to spin his web of love through my heart..
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