Monday, September 07, 2009


Sunday Afternoon at "Howl" in Tompkins Square Park

it's not a party until Hotdog and Cowboy Stan arrive!
For some reason, the Dr. Hook song FREAKER'S BALL keeps playing in my head as I view these pics.......
I love the low life performers!
I missed the Low Life performances. Glad you captured the spirit.
You KNOW the femme nazi's gonna get you for "raping" these performers with your camera!!
Our elves are watching her . We're safe .
....and Poopy , we also keep a big hairy , warty troll around to protect us and NMNL world head quarters .
Those giant rats that scamper about the park going on dates will protect you!
Yes a few bread crumbs and a flute and they'll follow you anywhere.
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