Friday, September 11, 2009


It Was a Chill September Wind That Blew at Midnight Down Avenue A .The Rats Supped and Waxed Frisky

The word 'Supped' should be banned forever.
Ok Bob--need a lesson in lighting for night time photos--what settings did you use for the photos here??When I upgrade to a a more sophisticated camera I will be able to do this--is it that the digital format without a flash unit on top can only take night time photos of an object within 3 feet of where I am taking the photo??I hope you understand what I am asking. Miss seeing you--must get out more at night. Thanks in advance.
I'll see you soon Merlanie . We'll talk of such things
Yes Rather... that's why it is used here.
Also,using the word "SUP" as a greeting is not acceptable.
Wow! Those rats are really frolicking! Is frolicking a good word? I kinda like it..except when you break it down it looks like fro-licking. Like you just bought some Fro-Yo in the East VIlle and are about to watch the entire first season of Sex and the City...NOOOOOO!
Who ended up winning the race?
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Gee guys ! I don't know who won the race but I guess that it could have been at least a smidgeon of spilled Fro Yo that they slurp on our Avenue A side walk .
Sup bro, want to go get a fro-yo in the ABC village?
What happened to Il Duce Giuliani's "war" on rats? He let them run rampant in City Hall, and since then they've multiplied beyond control....
I said RA


Sorry, I was just having an old school moment...........
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