Saturday, September 19, 2009


Experts Gather on St. Marks Pl. to Repair Mosaics and Hot Dog Arrested .

Around midnight Friday night a group of local mosaic repair experts were still busy repairing a lamppost mosaic on St. Marks Place . The repairs were being made to spruce up the block for the St Marks Place Block Party on Saturday .
Hot Dog Arrested
According to witnesses , Friday afternoon around 5PM police swept Crusty Row arresting 5 individuals . Among those arrested was Hot Dog (a.k.a. Marlene Bailey) who one witness claimed struck a plain clothes police officer with a cane .It was claimed that she appeared to be attempting to protect one of her Crusty Row friends from the arresting officer .Some claim that she did not know that the plain clothes officer was actually a cop .

That's such a lie. Plain clothes cops are so obvious you'd be a fool to miss one. Especially when they're involved in an arrest.
No, Plain clothes cops are so obvious you'd be a mentally disabled drunk to miss them......

Actually, and it's not like a care for HD, because I don't, but there are some PCC that look more like gangsters than the gangsters do.

I always laughed at the baggy shirts with the big Glock bulge on the rear right hip though.......
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