Wednesday, September 30, 2009


All in its Place on Tuesday Night ...

Tuesday night L.E.S. Jewels passed out at the front door step , the Moon and Jupiter moved silently through the black night sky and Ray listened to Dame Janet Baker , Nana Mouskouri and Edith Piaf before selecting Perry Como for the remainder of the evening .

I love Ray--and used to listen to Perry Como back in the day.He had Christmas Specials on TV.
And all is right with the world...
Awww..These pics make me miss Ray's..
If Jewels acts this way under a three-quarter moon, what'll happen when the moon is full?
Use the Blogger search feature Chris . We've already photographed the answer for you at NMNL .
Goggla ,lets not make too many assumptions here .
love that last shot
amazing photos, every single one.
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