Friday, August 07, 2009


Ray's Pet Rock ...

Tonight the rock said to Ray " the trees grow so well because of all the bones in the ground" .

The rock is evil.

This explains the bad luck that Ray is having, and the wrong goings on that happen in front of Ray's store.

Beware the evil rock..........

Ray was trying to rid himself of it at one time by trying to sell it as a sandwich. Rock and Roll.

Later it became the icon of the sub culture. Punk Rock.

It started to show it's real face during the Goth explosion. Death Rock.

It tried to win the minorities over for awhile. Rock against racism.

I believe that it was this rock that Biker Billy tripped on in front of the store.

I seem to remember an x room mate of mine, talking to this rock.

And getting answers!

Bob, I am glad that you are finally reporting on this bane of the LES.

The rock is evil..............
Yes Steve ,someone had to let the people know .
Rock of ages. Still rolling.
Sure doesn't look very clean in there.
Screw that rock.

I'd rather get stoned......
The rock likes clutter and prefers the shaded dark places
It's actually not dirty in there.
The rock has it stone washed.

The clutter is a bi product of the rock's depression.

Both Brian Jones and the rock, were kicked out of the Rolling Stones.

Brian od'd in the pool, and the rock
skipped town, originally winding up on the Bowery.

Working at CBGB's as a door stop, the rock was responsible for the demise of the land mark institution, as well as the death of Hilly Kristal.

Avenue A, being just a stones throw from the Bowery, was the rock's next pit stop on it's road to ruin.
Aw , come on man that can't all be true .

I'll tell ya about the truth if you can handle it......

It all started in Eden. The garden, not the cute river band siren.

Adam was too short to reach the apple.

He stood on the Rock.

Where do you think Eve's buddy the snake came out from.

Under the Rock.

The Rock also has had quite a history with homosexuality.

Rock Hudson.

Also as a Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

His short career as a boxer "Rocky" was an attempt at a more macho image.

Clint Ruin, aka Jim Thirwell, aka Scraping Feotus Off The Wheel actually romanced the stone with his oldie but goody Come To Bedrock.

Oh there's more!

Next time.
This rock is like the poor man's Forest Gump!
Steve, I'll be in SF this week!
Something like that but remember , the Rock only speaks to Ray .
....and its from Iceland .
After the rock causing the worlds first eviction = Eden, "the garden, not the heavily tattooed songstress." The world, as most of you know, changed quite a bit and the rock went through some changes as well.

Depending on which story you subscribe to, the rock was either eaten by a dinosaur or one of the animals that wound up on Noah's Ark.
Perhaps both....

The rock either survived the flood, or was preserved during the ice age, after being carried abroad and crapped out by what ever it was that ate him.

Hence his winding up in Iceland.

Hence the age old expression "shit a brick." Taken from the original composition, "shit a rock."

The rock historically has been known as a baby killer.

Rock a bye baby.

The bough didn't break, the rock knocked it out of the tree.

Jumping forward in history, in the 70's the idea of the pet rock was just another ploy that the rock came up with in order to get his illegal family members into the country.

During his afore mentioned tenure at CBGBs, the rock coerced Joey Ramone to promote a sea side business venture of his,encouraging youths to risk their lives hitch hiking to get there.

Rock away beach.

We all know what wound up happening to Joey..........

Then there was Johnny Thunders and also Sid Vicious who both recorded a song that the rock originally taught to Joey.

Hey, is DD home, you wanna take a walk? You wanna go cop? You wanna go get some Chinese Rock?

Both Thunders and Vicious, as well as DD all wound up... well, you know.

Hey Eden,

Looking forward to seeing you this week.

Don't you dare bring that rock here!
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