Sunday, August 23, 2009


2 Males Shot in Front of Forbidden City at 13th Street and Avenue A...

At 4:20AM or so Sunday morning 2 males were shot in front of a bar named Forbidden City which is near the intersection of 13th Street and avenue A .
According to witnesses the 2 males were fighting on the side walk in front of the bar . Shots were fired with one male going down in front of the bar and the other male going down out in the middle of avenue A .According to witnesses only 2 shots were heard . Police later found one empty casing on the sidewalk which was covered with a paper cup and another casing was found under a nearby parked car .
We know from a friend of one of the victims that at 5AM one of the males was in the hospital in critical condition . We never learned the condition of the other shot male . The one male in critical condition was said by witnesses to be an employ of Forbidden City .
We do not know whether the 2 shot males shot each other or whether others shot one or the other or both of them . Some witnesses did claim to see males running from the scene .

Excellent reporting, Bob.
One of the males, the bouncer at Forbidden City, died.
Great coverage Bob--don't pack the cameras away just yet or ever for that matter.
i agree with Melanie. don't retire the lenses.
Nice shots.
Bob - awesome.

Except for the links to the Daily News and the Post! cmon, you can do better than that.
Bob, I heard the police arrested the jerks. But the news doesnt say.
Don't really know whats going on . Suspect that the media in general doesn't as yet know either .

We have talked to some old time locals that know things but not to much avail . It is clear though that perhaps things were happening at the bar that weren't covered by their license.
NY 1 said today that the shooter was arrested on Sunday.
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