Friday, July 10, 2009


With the Cast Removed From His Recently Broken Hand and Wrist ,Mosaic Man Now Grasps His Monster With Ease

hello, a friend of mine suggested this blog to me and i think it's really cool, hearing news about the neighborhood this way. i noticed you blogged about ray a lot, well a friend of mine is throwing a benefit show for him at otto's. she's looking to raise some money to surprise him and help him out, would you be interested in blogging/telling your friends about it? let me know if you'd like the info
Yes Leah send the info we'll help publisize the event .
i'm gonna copy the description that my friend sent out to people -
Ray's Candy Store is a Lower East Side landmark and has been a necessary part of life for 35 years.

Ray is in trouble and needs your help! It wouldn't be the LES without wonderful Ray and his amazing fries, ice cream, coffee, cigarettes and love.

Besides spending your money there whenever you can, the best way to help Ray's stay in business is to come to the BENEFIT SHOW!

Come see:

Feral Foster,
The Bill Murray Experience,
The Dust Busters,
Frank Hoier,
Willy Gantrim,
Oliver Duncan,
and Rashad Brown

at Otto's Shrunken on Thursday July 23rd at 9pm

$6 at the door, or more if you really really care!

PS: VERY IMPORTANT: please tell all of your friends and acquaintances and people you meet on the street about this EXCEPT FOR RAY! the proceeds from the show will be a SURPRISE GIFT, please don't ruin it!
Ray will be happy about it and the dough..Csquat threw one for him and raised about 350.00.Ray was thrilled!
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