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Markey Hayden Bena Again Beaten While Sleeping Alone on the Street . This Time on 9th Street .

Markey Bena , noticeably in pain , walked with difficulty to the infamous phone booth at 7th street and avenue A known in our local sector of the blogosphere as the "Pee Phone " . The booth would provide a much needed , if unaesthetic , seat for Markey . We had been talking to Markey who was tiring and in pain and needed a place to sit and rest . Markey had only been out of the hospital for a few days and was not at all well . According to Markey , 9 days ago at 2 am Markey , while trying to sleep on 9th street just around the corner from Doc Holiday's , was beaten with a wooden dowel used as a club and kicked by 4 young males dressed in white .

We wrote of Markey recently , May 15 , and another beating that he suffered on the night of May 8th , the same night that Lesia Pupshaw and 2 males were severely beaten in Tompkins Square Park .On that night there were witnesses to the attack on Markey that confirmed the details of the attack that he related to us . There were no witnesses to this most recent attack ;we only have Markey's account of this most recent beating of 9 days ago .

Early Monday morning , 29 June , Markey was trying to sleep on the sidewalk . 4 males in their late teens and 1 female companion approached . The 4 males dressed in white and wearing "Doc Martens " , 2 of them wearing black bowler hats , began to beat with a wooden club and kick Markey . Markey at one point referred to his attackers as "Droogs" , the young sociopaths from "A Clock Work Orange". Marky claims that he believes he heard his attackers speeking Portuguese . Markey claims the female companion , dressed in lacy white attire , also laughed loudly as her companions battered and kicked Markey . Markey became unconscious early in the attack and remembers nothing further other than waking somewhat later at Belleview Hospital .

At Belleview Markey was treated , his hair was sheared and his scalp sewn and stapled . Markey claimed that his body is covered with numerous contusions and abrasions . Markey spent the better part of 3 days in hospital .

While there is no doubt that Markey was severely beaten in the street we have no other witnesses than Markey to confirm the details of his "Clock Work Orange-esque" account of the beating .

This Tuesday evening at Ray's Candy Store Markey was accompanied by a friend who was looking after him . His friend was trying to get Markey off the street . She finally took a still weak and wounded Markey by cab back to the hospital for more medical attention .

Ugh, this has got to stop.
I saw him today. He really looks bad, God bless him. I wish we could catch these thugs.
This kind of behavior deeply saddens and outrages me. Is anything being done (by police, government agency, citizens groups, etc.) to stop this and catch these sick f*cks responsible for the senseless beatings?
Woah, that looks bad! Where are the cops when you actually need them?
A special place in Hell has been reserved for those who beat the Homeless...
Dressed like thugs from "A Clockwork Orange?" Well, then these fuckers in bowler hats shouldn't be too hard to find. But I guess a senseless beating of just one homeless man is not top priority for the boys in blue.
I saw him yesterday;he looks really battered...I hope he can get off of the street very soon!
This is really sad. Leave the fellow alone. Let him sleep. Give the fellow a break. Feel better Markey.
Yes, I hardly recognized him..I passed twice and thought is that Markey? Even in his homeless struggle he managed to attain a level of style. His full head of long hair and dress made him seem much younger for his years. But this beating has put him in a critical state. He needs to get off the street or he won't survive. He's a gentle soul & unfortunately for some predators out there that makes him a target.
I'm posting in behalf of Markey's mother Melinda, who has been searching for him for 8 years. Can anyone help us locate/find and help him?

Pls contact me @
Haven't seen Markey around. Is he okay??
Google Markey Hayden Bena....he is the grandson of Hollywood Legend Joan Bennett. It is heartbreaking that his mother has been searching for him for 8 years....he has an extremely influential family
I just came across this posting last week when I Googled Markey’s name.
I have also been looking for him for a number of years, and would like to be able to help him if at all possible. Can anyone tell me if they have seen him recently or if anyone knows how he is doing?
Please contact me with any info at:
Thank you-
I knew Markey in high school. I can see him making the "droog" cooment.

He was one of the more intelligent and insightful students in my class.

It's painful to see and read this. He was a peaceful person when I knew him.
I've been looking for Markey and Jenifer Dobbins Seacor for years. I can't believe that Markey is homeless. I want to help him. If anyone has any info about Markey or Jen, please contact me.
Kim Shepherd Cordaro...
I went to high school with Markey. He was mean to my sister. Serves him right.
July 23 2010
ventilator pulled
markey had been 'brain dead' for two days.
R.I.P. Markey Hayden Bena
hey, who is markey h delabena?
cuz you forgot sport is the secret language of men...if you give me a way to contact you we could put together a benobituary.
I visited Markey's office afore and listened to a grand friend of Markey Hayden Bena.
Friend related to me a NYC cop approaching saying, to Grand Friend Storyteller
"I bet you killed Markey."
That's what the cop said, the cop with a gun on his hip. He said "I bet you killed Markey."
The cop said that to Grand Story Teller, the cop said that he bet Story Teller killed markey, he said I bet you killed markey. he said that.
I found out about Markeys' passing on Feb 24 and since that day I have experienced a sense of loss I neither felt after my Fathers' nor my Sisters' death. Markey was a soulmate of mine. I loved him and he loved me. I offer my deepest condolences to his family and his friends. He was a free spirit but also tormented. I know he is at peace. Love you forever, baby. Ruth
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