Saturday, July 25, 2009


From a Saturday Afternoon Concert in Tompkins Square Park

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the show..Hot Dog prouldy told me that she had lifter her blouse up and she was sad I had missed it..Now I know all!
Great coverage--I was too tired to stay and enjoy the entertainment.
LOL ((( what a motley crew )))...... OMFG this is fantastic I love the different shapes and ages of characters, great colors!!! great action!!!
Hey Anonymous Asshole:

If an insignificant insect like YOU thinks this fantastic show was "gross," then we must've been doing something RIGHT!!

It is extremely abusive of you to exploit Marlene that way. I would say shame on you but there are at least 70 pounds of fat saying that.
amend that -- 150 pound of fat --- exploit a woman that has alcohol and drug abuse problems was most likely sexually abused by showing her flashing her breasts. Thank goodness you are your own worse punishment better than throwing you in prison.
sup with that kid passed out?

on one picture he was on stage.
on the next one he was on the floor.

Leave it to an anonymous femi-nazi to accuse those men and women who photographed a grown woman who chose to expose her breasts (legal in NY State) of abusing and exploiting her!

What does your claim that she must be high in order to openly express her sexuality reveal about YOU?

At least Marlene (aka "Hot Dog") doesn't have your sexual hang-ups!
I was there and hotdog was extremely happy about getting a photo of her boobs taken! She had a great time at the show, as did everyone there and the fem-nazi would certainly have been upset by this. She seems to have some personal vendetta against Bob and posts here often..I'd be curious to see what exactly SHE looks like since she is so judgmental and incredibly mean when speaking about Bob. Yet, she still comes to his website everyday...what a nutjob.
I'm picturing an aging, overweight, psychotic, unhappy woman with no life and no friends. Even hotdog wouldn't like her!
Maybe hotdog has better boobs than her so she's jealous! Maybe she's dying to flash her own boobs but no one is interested..
I've seen the femi-nazi's boobs -- Hot Dog has her beat by a mile!

This appears to be a simple case of breast envy!
ya thats me passed out fun day is it ok for me to steal some picks??
AHHHH! You've really seen them? And you're not blind??!!! Oh lord...
Grow up and leave Bob alone anonymous!!! It is you who are an abusive person!!!
Thems some classy folks there. Funny how the cops take the booze @ east river park concerts yet these skeebs are free to tipple.
Uhh gross
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