Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Ray's Candy Store Reopens ....

This afternoon a clamoring horde of impatient patrons rushed and mobbed Ray in order to be the first in the door as he removed a health department closure notice and reopened his world famous candy store .
Today as Ray was in court dealing with the closure of his business before an administrative judge a health inspector was inspecting his candy store . The inspector approved Rays improvements and operation in general and the judge allowed Ray to reopen his 24 hour a day , 7 day a week business.
There are still more critical inspections to come and several thousands of dollars in fines to be paid .
Finally , all should thank the several loyal friends and neighbors who freely labored all day and all night to help Ray clean and repair his candy store so that it would pass the health dept inspection this morning .

Hallelujah, brother!!!
Yeah!!!I love Ray and the people who helped him.
How is Ray going to pay the fines?
Is there a paypal account I can donate to?
Excellent news.

Thank you to everyone who helped Ray out during this crisis.
"I love New York"!!! Keep the fries a fryin'!!!!
Thanks to Brett(Bigggest Pants), Hilda, Barbara Lee, Ilya, Michael Shenker, Shayne, Jamie from Abraco Cafe, and everyone else who helped..
More help is needed and ray will get it cause we love him..Hallelujah!
A benefit for Ray at C-Squat Sunday June 7 at 5:30pm till 10:30pm. $10 suggested donation. Bands TBA.
and of course to Bob Arihood for advising ray about lawyers and social security information!
Just back from getting a great frozen yogurt from Ray's.
Great work everyone.
ps. benefit at C-Squat = 155 Avenue C.
yay! i miss ray's and can't wait to be back helping him. help is needed there more than any place where i am, winston-salem, nc
I used to get the most severely undercooked but maddeningly delicious hamburgers at Ray's in the early nineties.
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