Thursday, June 18, 2009


Mosaic Man Leaves His Mark on his Former Home ,Benjamin Shaoul's 120 Saint Marks Place ...

120 St. Marks Place to this day does not have even a temporary certificate of occupancy let alone a full and permanent Certificate of Occupancy . This lack of a Cof O is likely due to the considerable number of outstanding violations and unpaid fines listed on the Department of Buildings profile for the 120 Saint Marks Place property .... at least if the DOB's building information system can be believed . We leave it to the reader to see for themselves . Click on "Buildings" and fill in the blank spaces with the property's street address.
There have been numerous problems with this building according to the community and the NYC Dept. of Buildings . Check the total number of complaints on the building profile and of course take a look at the Internet entries on 120 St. Marks Place . Mosaic Man too had his share of problems : this blog was started documenting Mosaic Man's life on the street right out front of 120 St. Marks Place .
We followed and posted of the eviction of Mosaic Man from the previous building known as the" Cave" at this location , the eviction of other squatters from the cave , the demolition of this previous building and of course the construction of the building that now stands fully occupied with out a Certificate of Occupancy at 120 St. Marks Place .
Last week almost exactly 3 years after his eviction from the "Cave " at 120 Saint Marks Place , Mosaic Man returned to place a death's head with a rose near the front window of the piercing salon and tattoo parlor in today's 120 St Marks Place.

The death's head is quite appropriate.
It is a really beautiful piece of work.
It's gorgeous.

Ben Shaoul is a very, very bad person. And that's all I'll say.
Hey Bob - Great blog. My girlfriend has lived in the neighborhood for years. She was recently talking to mosaic man as she often does and he brought up he does commission work and she was intrigued. for her upcoming birthday i thought i would get ahold of him, but i left a message at his east village blog deal and did not hear anything. i figure i could just walk around and probably run into him but any chance you might know where he is currently working at or how i could get in contact with him? Thanks in adavance.
Apt and lovely. Another masterpiece by the Mosaic Man.

When I was a teenager, I always used to look for his work on the sidewalks, lamp posts, and buildings of the East Village. Sighting one meant I was back on home turf. It's a crying shame what he's been put through by the real estate interests.
Hmmmm...yr blog has been a little quiet of late...rain delay?
bob, i now live in a ben shaoul building. how do i get in touch with you. i'd like to talk with you.

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