Tuesday, June 30, 2009


More Violent Games on Crusty Row in Tompkins Square Park ...

When they hit some one it hurt . They were so young and so small . Their game running in the street part play , part combat went on for a couple of hours on the street , on Crusty Row and in Ray's Candy Store .
We first noticed the gang of 8 or so young males of mixed race and very young running up and down Crusty Row Monday night around 9 PM . We spotted them from the avenue A side walk as they ran in their white T-shirts. We immediately knew that something unusual was happening in Tompkins square Park on Crusty Row .
We suspected another wilding attack . When a few minutes later we were able to view and photograph the scene on Crusty Row from a discrete distance we we saw mixed with running , jumping , laughing and shouting clearly violent episodes of battery . Threatening confrontations exploded , with the smallest of the members of the group clearly the more aggressive .
But there was so much play fullness too . Even though we saw multiple punches thrown , grappling and objects including bottles and a milk crate thrown such violence was tempered with a sense of play. Taunt ,hit and run and laugh . Laugh and run to the other side of the park and then return to taunt and hit some more . In the most uneasy way tiny bits of innocence stirred lightly , hesitantly through these acts of blunt violence in TSP . When they saw us with a camera they immediately ran from TSP to avenue A .
On avenue A the group gathered outside Ray's candy Store . They entered the store pushing their way around and according to witnesses demanded in Spanish some "pussy-flavored" ice cream . The Polish and English speaking young woman behind the counter did not understand so the youngsters , again according to witnesses , called her a white bitch and suggested in English that she should suck their cocks .
Ray had been taking a nap in the back of the store . The commotion woke him ;confused he entered the front of his store and told the group that they should leave , he would not serve them . They did not leave and Ray threw a cup full of water at them . They still would not leave but when they saw us taking pictures of them they immediately left the store running up avenue A.
Police were called and when they arrived at Ray's the story of the young males' aggressions was told by those who had seen it all while in the candy store .
We decided to do some recon in TSP hoping to find where the young males went . We found them at the intersection of avenue B and 10th street playing something of the rough game that they had been playing earlier . They were also in the midst of adults who occasionally yelled at them . Finally both the young males and the adults entered the corner building by an entrance on 10th street .
Though we did speak with some who had been attacked and hit by the young males no one claimed to have been hurt badly . We should also note that we have pictures of some of the young males and that we have not published them , at least at this time , because they were all minors .
We do not know what if any action has been taken by NYPD concerning this event and these young males .

the police should be contacted by someone who witnessed this behaviour. its a matter of time before these kids do something far more serious. i have a young child and we frequent the park. this is very unsettling.
They building on 10 and B is a shelter for women and children whose fathers are in jail.
Everyone should've just kicked the living crap out of the little spics! They'll be in jail by the time they're 18 anyways
I agree with 6:35am. Since you have photos of them, you should show them to the police before they do something far more serious. This is far from kids just horsing around.
You SHOULD publish their photos - who cares if they're minors - they're clearly animals and a dangerous presence in the neighborhood. Publishing their photos would be a community service so people know who to be on the lookout for.
the pictures and any other information is available to the police at any time .
Bob, what do you mean by available?

If you mean that by posting here it's available, it's not. The NYPD is not sitting around looking at blogs.

If you don't take these photos to the police in person, someone else will.
We have talked to police about the incedents in TSP and at Ray's . We have even shown them some of the images on the camera shortly after this happened last night .

When and if NYPD wants more images they will be made avilable .

There are laws that apply to the publishing of pictures of minors that have allegedly commited crimes .We are very careful about respecting these laws .

It would help greatly if some one who is harmed by such events as this last night and other recent attacks would get off their asses and press charges .

We see assaults every day ; we are on the ground where they happen every day ; we see the blood and gore when its there . Most of these assaults are never reported .

We do what we can to get the publics attention and thus the attention of NYPD concerning the violence in the streets and in TSP.There is far more going on out there than you hear about . The little bit of it that we can cover we present here as well in addition bring to the attention of NYPD .Some personnel at NYPD actually look at NMNL more or less regularly . If victims do not press charges though there is no case , no record and nothing is done by anyone .
The people grew fat.
Got lazy.

There was a time when the neighborhood was really dangerous.
Some fought back.
The neighborhood changed.

The new generation of hoods have hatched.

Take your neighborhood back.

Before they do.


You'll all be too busy with weak protest demonstrations, bad mouthing the Govt. Some dressing like commandos and posing all rough and tough.

Stop all the posing and TAKE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BACK!!!!
Kids grow up. That's the only problem.

I'd suggest sending the photos over to the ABC watch group guy but them being minors complicates things.

It could have been the first and last time a few kids decided to fool around. Still, it's important kids learn that they can't do this sort of stuff. How (without being overzealous) is a difficult questions.
There are absolutely NO laws about publishing pictures of minors or anywhere else when those pictures are taken in a public space, such as a park, a sidewalk, a street or -- arguably -- a store or restaurant. Anyone can take a picture of anyone else at any time for any reason if the subject of the picutre is in a public place.

I am an "expert" on First Amendment law and know this to be the case. Whether or not news organizations choose to publish photos of minors is another thing, but it is *not* illegal.

PLEASE publish these picutres. Thank you for the service of your reporting.
I wish we could close down the projects. The hopelessness and crime that is bred by warehousing poor people into glum, crime-infested buildings is not good for the neighborhood.

I can't walk down Avenue D without being propositioned to buy drugs.

The other day, I was on the bus and a group of 11 to 13 year old kids -- who had boarded the bus off Avenue D -- were talking about how they'd beaten up some "faggot" who had come from the gay pride parade.

Close the projects!
the second photo from the top the kid standing alone with the white tank top one of the kid that hit me from behind that day i fought with 8 kids that try to over power me and that i sent packing that's when i was with biker bill in front of rays
We understand the First ammendment issues . We know a good bit about photographing in public spaces .After all we do it every day and have done so on-and-off for many years .

It remains though that in practice the publishing of the faces of children alleged to have committed crimes is more complicated than just the consideration the first ammendment right to publish . .Much time could be spent here on presenting all the details of these complications . The presentation of such images is not as simple as you claim it to be in practice . In this incident the complications that can be encountered and suffered are not worth enduring compared to what little advantage will be secured by publishing these few faces here .Remember that these young males are in reality still children . . If the authories want to they can easily know who was at Ray's without a public display of the faces of 12 year old males here .

If citizens are concerned about what is happening then they should demand from their elected representitives that they cause NYPD to investigate these recent attacks in our neighborhood .Citizens should also demand individually that the 9th precinct and NYPD investigate these incidents . there is a great deal of information available from here as well as other sources .Some one has to follow through though .Some one who has been harmed must press charges .

It is clear from this posting where these youths live .Showing these faces publicly is not going to assist in any measureable degree to locate and identify these young males .
yo Mr. anonymous at 11:27 am watch your mouth. i am Hispanic and you would get your jaw broken it's best you hide your name coward....
i fought with 8 of them and walk away
with minor bruises and every time i hit one they fell to the floor..
watch your mouth...
my name is CABLE ask about me...
You tell em Cable!

It's really not a racial thing, as the mix of true blue LES folk come in all colors and ethnic back grounds.

A douche is a douche no matter what race or nationality.
Regarding the comment about talking to your representative about this issue, here's a link to Rosie Mendez's contact information.

She's the District 2 (includes the East Village) council member on the city council:

Phone: 212-677-1077
eMail, fax and regular mail info is at the below link:

Went to the police last night (8th and C) to report attack by these kids...they could not have cared any less and gave me and my friend the number to the 9th precinct on a post-it. Completely useless.
Neighbors: If you want to report something to the police, report the incident to the 9th Precinct. Here's the number to the front desk: (212) 477-7811. 321 E. 5th St., just east of 2nd Avenue. Also, precinct community council meetings are held once a month -- the third Wednesday of each month -- at the precinct house.

DON'T report incidents to the housing police facility on 8th Street and Avenue C. This unit works only in public housing -- not on street crime. They will likely be quite unresponsive.
Next time this happens, people should kick the shit out of these little punks.
(Somebody already mentioned this, but it's worth reposting)

To anon @ 1:25 AM :

The precint on C between 8th and 9th handles projects stuff, and they'll usually do the post it note thing with anything that doesn't pertain to their jurisdiction.

Also for the record, I am guessing these kids might not even be from the neighborhood - I've spoken to staff at the 10th and B rehab type place a couple summers ago about similar incidents and they said the kids were visiting from Brooklyn.
These young males entered the building at 10th and B after 10PM .We remained in the area to watch the building for another 45 min or so .None of the youths exited the building during that period .

We also note that 2 or perhaps 3 of the youths playing in the street at 10th and B after their associates entered the building did not enter the building but walked uptown on avenue B disappearing into the night ..

Comments from 2 years ago have no necessary validity when attempting to clarify and explain events happening today .
Yeah, I said it was a guess. Thank you for stating the obvious. My comments were made and are easily taken at face value. (They are at least more worthwhile than items from those "close the projectz!!" morons).
I actually mean "Close the projects" quite seriously. Not because there is anything wrong with the people who live in them; quite the contrary. Instead, it is unnatural and breeds crime and discontent to warehouse so many poor people in drab, tower block apartments.

I say it again: Close the projects. Mixed-income housing, yes! Mixed-use properties, yes! Big super blocks full of warehoused poor people, no!
OK, It's good to be clear though, some people mean it in the sense "bomb the projects and everyone in them".
Is there any sort of community group in the L.E.S. focused on this? If so, please let me know. If not, please help me start one. My email is l.lamohn@gmail.com ... I'm baffled as to what can be done, but I'd trust the ideas of native L.E.S. folk far more than ambivalent cops.
We closed the projects in Baltimore beginning in the late 1990s (except for Perkins Homes, maybe 1-2 others). They gave them all Section 8 vouchers and now there is hardly a decent affordable neighborhood in the entire city, they are all full of ghetto trash livin' large and the crimes they commit.

Hollins Market and Sowebo were the first neighorhood affected. Even Little Italy isn't safe anymore.
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