Sunday, June 14, 2009


Friday Night : Too Much of the Same for Avenue A

Misappropriation of the sidewalk and bike lane for a stupid movie.
What makes it a "stupid" movie? Is it another Dumb & Dumber sequel?

From the look of an empty Ray's.... Well, what kind of impact did the filming of Step Up 3D have on his business Friday night?
Grieve ,they did compensate him but it did not cover his losses .The production companies just do not care at all what they cost neighborhoods .

Some questions that we should ask of all of these companies . NYC looks like NYC every bit as much in Queens ,Sataten Island , Brooklyn and the Bronx as it does in the East Village . Why can't these companies spread the shooting out over the whole city ?Why can't our city government see that they do so ? Why do Ray and others have to endure the hardship againm and again and again?

It seems that their location scouts are too lazy to do much looking around for a variety of locations in this city of millions of people .
I do my part by trying to shame them for the careless bike lane obstruction on my site, and

The dept of television and film is also largely to blame, I think.
Yo bob, don't forget to approve my other comment.
Get the groper after them!

Nahh, she'll terrorize them, and then make friends with them so as to bring them back for a sequel...........
yeah they asked me not to go into odessa just for a minute so they could get their shot. i didnt listen and could careless of some romantic comedy they were shooting. lets put it this way if spiderman was in the scene id would have waited.
There is excess shooting in the East Village because we do not complain enough to the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting: 212-489-6710. Call and that's what they will tell you. There are actually streets that are banned in the West Village after a certain number of shoots per year because the neighborhood got together to say enough is enough.
The producers pay big money for certain locations: Mike has been racking it up BIG TIME this year! It really has nothing to do with location scouts. It's easy for them to shoot here because we make it easy.
True not enough people complain but for those that do it seems that there is little response from the mayors office of film and little reason to stay on hold waiting forever . they simply put one on hold or tell one to call back because most won't wait or call back .

Once a location becomes familiar it is easier and less expwnsive to continue to shoot there ... and they do use the excuse that they need that location because there is no place else like it which is just a lie .

And scouting takes time and money and is a pain in the ass . Why change what works ?
They're filming "Step Up 3" in Greenpoint too! Much to the neighborhood's annoyance/curiosity. I'm guessing they're using my 'nabe for their "gritty" "urban" footage.


But it is still annoying. I do not like being forbidden to walk around my own neighborhood. CASE IN POINT: The Bounty.
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