Thursday, June 04, 2009


Best of Friends ...

A bit more than a week ago these two were seen fighting along with pacing back-and-forth and bellowing at each other for half an hour on avenue A here on NMNL in a post titled "These Boots Weren't Made For Walkin' " . In this post from last week the Groper , sitting with cocktail above , even claimed that Dennis had hit her over the head with a ketchup bottle just like the bright red one sitting on the table above . Tonight though it was all much less frenzied at Odessa Bar .
Tonight the Groper needed a drink . She walked into the Odessa Bar and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea . As she sat in a booth sipping her cocktail her new friend Dennis , the claimed ketchup bottle wielding manager from the previous post , walked up and much to our surprise gave her a hug . Tonight Dennis and the Groper were best of friends .

What will the Counter Intelligence think?
Obviously a conspiracy is brewing..
Beautiful moment.

I know both parties involved had pretty vocal supporters. Nice we can all be friends now. Still, to be safe, everyone should switch to plastic condiment bottles.
just wait a couple weeks, bob...
Last night I saw Ms. Groper flirting with the police in the park.
She's probably an under cover DEA or ATF agent any way.

Maybe a Trojan Horse.

Ya kin fit allota fedsin dat tummy......
That douche wouldn't even let ya use the restroom without buying something!

More proof to my hypothesis that she is a spy!

Where is Black Ops when you need him????
Now that I look at the photo again..she's kinda groping his BOSOMS a little, isn't she?
It's just as I've been saying -- a little love goes a long way!!
It's nice to see that they are both happy for a change...and the groping shows it's therapeutic qualities as well...Yup....
looks like Robin Byrd
Holy crap Eden, you're right!! I was there when Bob took this shot and I didn't even notice her discreetly groping his man boob. The camera never lies....

Damn, she's good!!
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