Friday, May 15, 2009


Young Males Beat A Homeless Man Near Tompkins Square Park Friday Night ...

Friday night sometime around 10:30 or 11:00 PM , Markey Hayden Bena was beaten by 3 young Hispanic males , one wearing a baseball cap , on the south east corner of the intersection of avenue B and 7th street . Markey lives on the street most of the time and sometimes perhaps drinks too much . Many in the neighborhood have known Markey for a long time . Markey was an easy target .
Markey told us tonight that Friday night on the corner opposite Vazac's horse shoe bar a young Hispanic male jumped him from behind . While attempting to deal with the attack of the one male , 2 more young Hispanic males attacked from behind a parked car .Markey as can be seen from the picture above took a nasty beating .
The attackers hit hard for a short time and then ran . People at Vazacs called police and helped clean up some of Markey's bloody wounds . Vazacs personnel confirm all of this .
According to Markey all 3 males were young and Hispanic ; one wore a baseball cap .
This beating occurred a half hour to an hour before the beatings in TSP . This beating occured a half block from Crusty Row in TSP.
Markey also told us that 4 days later on Tuesday night after attending Lesia Pupshaw's wake he was walking on avenue C sometime around 9:30 PM . A young male yelled out to him "hey man , I beat you the other night ". Markey quickly headed west at the corner of 11th street and avenue C , down 11th street . The young male that had yelled out followed Markey and attacked and beat him again somewhere between avenue B and avenue C .
Markey's description of his attackers is close to the Crusty descriptions of their attackers , the times of the attacks were close and the locations were not far apart . No substantiated connection here we know but it is clear that both cases clearly demonstrate that being homeless can be a dangerous way to live .

I have seen more NYPD around the park, but this has gone on too long. Why hasn't this story been posted elsewhere??
Wow. This is really horrible, I can't believe that other news sources haven't picked up on this yet. Just goes to show how people without money are dehumanised and stigmatised by society to such an extent that we can be beaten and murdered and everyone turns their heads and walks away. apathy is the disease that is killing our city.
Meanwhile, the news keeps reporting on attacks in the West Village. What gives? Because this is a homeless man and the attacks are happening near TSP, it doesn't matter?

This is terrible...please keep posting updates and let's watch out for each other.
Sad but this doesn't surprise me. The Hispanic assailants probably didn't have much money themselves and take out their aggressions on someone who is more powerless than they are. As long as the poor are killing each other no one cares. If these youths attacked a rich person the NYPD would have came down on them like a ton of bricks!
If the beatings were done by a trio of white guys, you'd better believe it would be news. The politically-correct media doesn't want to seem to be targeting hispanics.
We know that the NYPD uses homeless-looking undercovers, some of whom get deeply into their disguises by not bathing, rolling around in dirt, etc. They use decoys to catch rapists, muggers , pickpockets and even pot smokers in the park -- why not use these resources to do something about violent offenders?

If they TRULY wanted to catch these guys, they know what to do....
These guys are not just beating up on homeless people. A few months ago, I guy I know was walking home through the same area around 11 p.m. and got jumped by one of them. This guy is around 6'1" and is a 22 year old college student. The little one jumped him first and tried to provoke a fight. The guy I know didn't want any part of it and just kept walking (the little guy didn't do much damage with a blindside punch). Then, the friends came out and ran after him and chased him. The description sounds like the exact same guys. I hope someone is ready for them the next time these cowards decide to team up on someone. I'm hoping for a very disabling, permanent injury for each of them, and maybe some maiming and disfigurement, you know, just for fun. They've been asking for it for a long time now.
hey anonymous fuckhead, the description says "The description sounds like the exact same guys."

The only description was hispanic. people don't want your faggot ass tall white rich douchebag college nyu fuck walking around nyc anymore, we want the old new york, without your little sex and the city friends, so i don't even care about hearing about stuff like this! HA!

the natives hate all of you!
I have two words for those cowardly shits beating people up in the park who are so brave when they outnumber their victims. Those two words are "Smith" and "Wesson."

Bernie Goetz had the right idea!
Yeah, Puma, we need the E.V. and LES to turn into the Wild West. Smart.
Yes, b.c spics like knives and would be dumb enough to bring a knife to a gun fight. Natives? Can you even speak English?
Oh my god! This makes me so sad. Marky is such a pacifist. I cannot believe this. I haven't seen him recently - I moved from 7th to 5th, so I'm not on his street anymore - I hope he's all right.
Markey, it Marie from Chinatown. What are you up to, besides this crap. Hope you are ok. I would love to see you again sometime, it has been SO many years.
I say we make a neighborhood watch and anytime this happens, we call 911. Instead of blaming our problems on the cops, lets work with them its our neighborhood not theirs
Was wondering how this fella is--haven't seen him around. Hope he is okay.
Hey Bob..He was beat up again, ..this time very badly. He was in the hospital for a week. I barely recognized him...head shaved to stitch him up. He said it was a gang (wearing white?) that he believed spoke Portuguese?
Crazy, he's a good guy. I've been here over 23 years and still shocked by this sort of violence.
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